Saturday, March 31, 2012

Survey Results: A Healthy Hint or Opportunity for Bias?

I suppose it makes sense that both estates related in my previous entry had the same experience with Relay For Life.  They were invited to participate by whomever last year, neither were informed of how to set up creations for donation in sanctioned vendors (which offer assurance to those who donate where their money goes; the American Cancer Society have a verify option for each vendor or kiosk clicked to confirm that the construct is legit and not a mock-up to extort funds).  They got burned for that and each estate took a step back from involvement as a result. 

Survey results conducted by one showed the vast majority of participants had other teams with which to get involved.  A dozen out of many times more expected the estate themselves to have a team of their own.  Hey at least I offered to captain for the other community.  Expecting landlords to just lay everything out for renters just to "me too" around is presumptuous.  A quick look at the RFL of Second Life teams page reveals something for everyone. 

And you know Hearts & Souls makes no demands on events nor any limitation on theme, era or output. Hint hint.

What DOES put me off a bit is the estate owners looking too long at resident stats and APPEARING to give higher regard to those who categorized their estate as home.  The rest of us deserve no less consideration nor are we of any less value to their community.  My "home" is on Skybeam but I see Hydrangea as home base, then New Toulouse, then Cartoon World, THEN Skybeam.  Home is where you go at the end of the day, and not necessarily where you spend most of your time or effort.  IMHO we all pay the same per sqm on the key sims.  If some people rent from just one place that doesn't justify preferential treatment.

Besides, in the end it all goes toward one grand total.

Don't diss me for affording just a 512 yo.

Anyway they're thinking of forming a team but it's too late.  There was a whole month for that.  It's more of the same: not reading the documentation etc.  Personally I'd rather see the estate owners and managers focus on the estate.  Let the dozen out of 60-70 who answered the survey shop on the team list page.  Or join my team and do as little or as much as they feel comfortable. :)

Monday the stitches come out. One way by car service may cost more than a round trip bus between NYC and Boston.  The ride will be a little shorter coming back as I go to Dad's apt from there to collect and sort his mail, then pay him a visit.

Going to relish subjecting New London and Bacchus to my new CDs. 

Sunday's Mardi Gras set will be on web radio from 7-9am SLT / 10am-noon EDT / 3-5pm BST from a Gazebo in a square not far from a rollercoaster on RFL Canal Street sim.

A lot of the Nawlins music I like will be at some thing hosted by Dr John in Brooklyn next month.  I wish I had the money to take a car svc home from there by the time it lets out.  For those who are not familiar with  borough culture: Brooklynites don't come to Queens and we don't go to Brooklyn, and neither of us go to the Bronx.  Manhattanites don't go to any of us.  Anyway Irma Thomas, the Dirty Dozen Band and one of the Neville brothers are in the lineup.

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