Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Down to the RFL Kick-off wire

So much to do, so little time.

It's true the idea for the RFL team logo came to me in the company bathroom. No relation to running water and misfiring soap dispensers, which carry their own Freudian connotations if there was a resemblance.

The team is still forming but those who have joined each have hearts of gold.

I see two events from veteran RFL teams I want to attend of possible. One is the Aether Chrononauts' Time Traveler's Ball. The other I know I won't be able to make, although Snurky may spend her 100L on a donation.

Hearts & Souls will have a booth this Saturday at the kickoff sims. I won't be there for part of it since I'll be hosting a Creatures of the Night party in New London and DJing at Bacchus.

Tomorrow evening I hope to have various versions of the team logo and corresponding team shirts ready. Team members will get the shirts free. On Saturday they'll be available for a very attractive minimum donation.

Coming up soon is the Fishiversary. Researching and sketching ends this week and next week starts actual embellished work which will become special textures for the fishing area and customs. Look for RFL vendors at the Fishiversary as well from H&S team members.

Burn2 consistently pops up during other main events (they had their thing during FFF too). While I can appreciate their wanting to get mileage out of their sims, they've overstayed their welcome with me by devaluing Burning Man with year round activities. What's so special about Burning Man then? It's like a song you hear too often; it's no longer your favorite.

I took my previous computer's hard drive out of its casing. Ever see this? You put the drive in this thing, hook it up, close it, plug it into AC, plug it into USB, and voila. I havn't lost data in all my 17 years owning a PC.

Thing is, Dad's hard drive may be trashed mechanically. That's my guess and I won't be able to salvage his email folders, family pictures, passwords or Firefox cookies and bookmarks. Four years seems mighty short for a HD's lifespan to me...

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