Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Another for the Drama Books

Over ten days after baiting and perving me just for taking the time to be a friend and listen to her problems, former contact tried to drum up drama by notecard.  The clichéd "I was drunk and don't know everything I said" bit.  However a subsequent note suggested she knew enough of what she said; her attempt to apologize was not unconditional.   It was hinted (in ways I cannot mention here without giving away their identity to anyone) that they didn't really get the enormity of their offense (her actions are prosecutable in the *ahem* least uncivilized states of this country) and that I'd be up for more grief because - let's face it - a mindset doesn't change that much between soused and sober states.  Nothing manifests which isn't there to begin with.

She doesn't read this blog or she'd have known not to go there with either drunken behavior or afficaciousness.  And despite having seen my SL8B exhibit, the fact that everybody in SL has their own story and that there's always someone living a darker life and come here for the light never occurs to her.  She may never realize this because she's too into herself to think about others enough to respect them or what they may be going through themselves. 

If anything, true colors come through during these times.  Lesson learned. Good riddance.

Monday, October 24, 2011

What a crazy weekend!

Toontown becomes more and more significant as Halloween draws near.  Sorry, you'll get that from a cartoonist/animator.  While I won't be making a new black cat this year, there will be hundreds of new kittens out in force next Monday morning, and I'll be around to help them.  Before that it's earning pumpkin heads on most of my toons while trick or treating the shops.  Difference being the jellybeans we get for  it are the local currency, and who knows what new accessories they have planned for the holidays?  Better save up now!

On Friday I restored my ongoing Steampunk fiction after extracting the posts from New Babbage's site. I've made it a general scifi-time warp story, which releases me from any restraints.  It's up to entry 10 at http://holosteampunk.blogspot.com

Saturday in New London is a fun party to host.  The staff and regulars are a wonderful and sincere people.  Whovians just want to have fun.  The Steampunk theme went over very well.  I should have it again in a few months... heat up the winter...

Which reminds me. New Londoners have encouraged me to take a look at their Guy Fawkes exhibit. They feel I'm a pefect candidate since I'm a "Fawkes Virgin."  That and they know if I'm not sure of something I'll ask, and if like it, they know I won't be bullshitting them :)

My friend Tindy had a rezday party hosted by the Giant Snail Races folks (Safra & RacerX w/DJ Baldi) which was held under the sea. Gave me a reason to wear flippers and Racer to blow up a big birthday cake.

Sunday was full of adventure.  First, after investing in some nice housing textures and running a few through Photoshop, I finished the modified shack (as well as reduced its primcount).

There was the biweekly partay by the river in New Toulouse Algiers, this time for Halloween.  With the big Estate sale going on, Gabrielle Riel was inspired to waive purchase fees for land in New Toulouse.  Apparently a 512 had opened up that morning, so I grabbed it for 1L and chucked in 2 weeks' worth into the meter.  And plopped down Maison Bleu. After FFF I'll be making stuff for it :) Some free, some extremely cheap. Maybe some art too.

So yes, I'm now a Talooster too :)

Weird Al's 52nd. Edward Pearse had the Radio Riel Clarendon dance hall decorated with stuff and offered free accordions and twinkie weiners (gak). A celebration wild horses - or delusional goats - couldn't keep me away from.  Realized how many wonderful people I missed from New Babbage.  Well, we'll always have the Clarendon...

After that it was time to go into Halloween Mode and put on this week's pallor for Bacchus on the Beach.  Yes, it's true we all got out instruments on Friday night and air-jammed to Dat's music.  We didn't this time around, but it was still fun.  Somehow I earned bait and a small Linden prize for fifth :)

Pondering my Halloween playlist and anticipating some CDs to come in from Amazon via 2-Day Air.  I think Halloween Party is plenty for a theme - let people interpret that any way they want. The best avatar is the best avatar :) Their unltimate moment of self-expression.  It kicks off on TARDIS sim at Greenwich Park from 1:45pm SLT next Saturday the 29th.

(PS: Pictures will be added this evening when I get home)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Even with virtual actions, being sick can make them tiring.

Always gets in the way of everything.  Not going to have that treehouse party.  Just the thought of virtual dancing is making me feel exhausted.

It won't stop me from DJing through the end of this month though.  It *appears* that I have Halloween Night on Bacchus.  I don't know how realistic it is with parties all over SL, and to be blunt I usually spend my Halloweens in Toontown Online (Seven wants to make another black cat, and that's the only day of the year anyone can).  I'll spend much of the day helping new black cats with their tasks, taking them through buildings invaded by robot lawyers to boost their gag potential, get in on the many beanfests scheduled (aka people throwing free money), and so on.  Sounds like I should take the night off, doesn't it?  Don't know yet...

Okay well, I'll be DJing in New London the next two weekends for sure.  With Guy Fawkes Day coming up - the same date as Día de los Muertos - I can see potential that weekend with common themes between the two.

While Snurky no longer does the track races (I usurped the computer for the last cross-country one they had, but for a special event), Giant Snail Races have I think gotten better as their own production.  Without Treet to back them up, there's more a sense of accountability reflected in Racer's hosting.  He's become nicer.  I think it was too easy to be too much of a goon with Wiz on hand as a straight man (sometimes he came off like a babysitter, and I'd sweat out very awkward moments where he tried to save face sitting next to the unpredictible RacerX, who'd mock, snark, and sometimes slur).  All that's changed.  The camera work is better as well. I think the change was a healthy one.. Sort of like the Tower card in Tarot. Next week promises a Halloween setting with the ever creepy sea of Richard Simmonseses.

On an ironic note, earlier this week I was sexually harassed by someone on my contact list.  Guess they didn't read my blog post about coming inworld under the influence. For all I know she missed her meds?  Anyway never come to me for a serious talk and pull the suicide card just to get attention or try to fake screw me. It will never work.  Since then they disappeared for two days, then came back in without a word in my direction.  Second never: Never commit such an offense then make believe it didn't happen. It's a crime, regardless of where it occurs. If you're not responsible enough for your actions to make amends, particularly with someone you've led on for months that you're their friend, then let Karma deal with you.  They're going off my friend's list today. They had plenty of time to be a rational adult and take action accordingly. Now, as I mentioned in my older post, I have blogged about it.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Recouping and Regrouping

October is an expensive month of domain renewals and catching up with bills.  For some reason there are an excessive number of big events in Second Life as well, and not related to Autumn, Halloween, or Oktoberfest (which most people run in September, which is fucked up in my opinion).  No, everyone else and their Gorean Grandmother has some big shindig going on in October.

With Burn2 over I'm not attending anything serious before Halloween week.  I may have a casual thing next Saturday at the treehouse.  Don 't know yet.  It would involve little obligation or preparation.  My living room looks like the sort of place you'd have company and schmooze.  The lawn would serve best for a BBQ pit and some dancing. 


I'm planning for the 7Seas Fall Fishing Festival.  A spot and new catchables.  If I have time, rods.

Before that, modifying a build. I may ask a favor and permission of an existing texture to modify.  I must make it blue.  I must make it wood.  These are paramount to the success of my project.  Don't ask why; just humor us artists and nod like you understand.  If all goes to plan you'll find out why sometime after the FFF.

I think Bay City has an Art Deco festival or something.  I guess if they did I would have gotten a thing to hang up.  Best way to tell sometimes.  Will there be a Halloween parade between the tricities like in past years? No word on that.

Researching things.  I can't tell you yet.

Skybeam is going on 5 and is planning a celebrations.

Toontown is where I'll be spending most of my Halloween, although at this moment it occurred to me that I'll be DJing on Bacchus that night.

May make some rennovations in the TARDIS soon; it all depends on money and I'm behind on my RL rent, so that's a factor.

Fundraising.  Didn't hear from contact.  I think the right way to go is ask someone inworld with experience.  Think it comes down to raising the money then giving it.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Back from the Playa

With scheduled events officially over, Burn2 remains through Wednesday for you to check out the exhibits and presentations with less lag.

I think even though it took up only 4 sims, there were more "big" displays than in past years.  People who noticed Gulliver in '09 ogled or nonstop praise for post-apocalyptic builds for Tokyo Stage felt that to get their messages across with  GREAT   BIG   MANNEQUINS.  All over the place.  Couldn't turn anywhere without something built large, where largeness wasn't part of the plan.

 back in 2009, when builds were builds

Biggest disappointment was this art camp.  The carefully shot videos and photos had me thinking: "Oh this is something else.  Look at that craftsmanship!" I sought ot out, only to find it was a giant texture with an alpha background.  Closer look of the piece made me wonder if the figure was actually drawn or Poser or a treated SL snapshot.  In other words the effect was just that: an effect. There was no actual form. No body up there.  Color me disillusioned.  Think of how much better all those mannequins could have looked if others on the playa used flat cardboard standups.  In fairness though, they could have had little time to prepare; I just had the least because I needed a hand operation.

 nice but it was never shot at this angle
Nice one by Trill.  I remember them from Show n Tell. As always Inner Child Camp is a fun place to explore for all ages... DMom2k collaborated on a girder tree with Chakra globes around it (very nice but didn't need to be 5x bigger than a old oak tree to get its point across or impressive). The temple was nice, but the Lamplighters barely went through their motions beyond their campsite.  For the ones I attended they showed up at the temple with the night half over - like around 8:05 - then most of the remaining went to bed before sunrise, leaving a skeleton group (of like 5?) to greet the dawn, among which only one or two played percussion and the rest danced.  In all very nice, with marvelous contraptions and interpretations of the theme. Just that they didn't all have to be so damn big.

 I think back on obscure but brilliant pieces in 2009,  lost in the vastness of an SL run playa.  How I got to know Further Monday and happen upon her as I watched a land rush, then visiting her modest parcel with its delicately designed umbrellas.  Who saw it besides her friends or those who walked beyond the busy regions? It was proof that something didn't have to be big to be great.

Not big but very very awesome. Fire racing to make patterns

This year mine was an inner journey, so the outside was intentionally unspectacular.  As often with me, what's inside is what counts the most.  Especially since I can look like you and you can look like me at any time in Second Life.  Rites of passage are inner journeys.  If your nature is that of a good listener, my presentation might appeal to you for the substance.  There's words accompanied by video, graphics, snapshots and original art.  I even included a concept sketch from a story I'd originally started on New Babbage's site.  I haven't stopped writing it; I may relocate it to its own Blogger page. It was inspired from an actual course of events while exploring their city last winter.

You have through about 3pm SLT today to see Reactivation Revelation Regeneration.