Monday, September 19, 2011

Don't Drink & Drive

Don't drink and drive.


This means vehicles, heavy machinery, your fists, or an Internet-enabled device.

You will always hurt someone.


You can devastate them with bullshit just by saying words. 

Saying "sorry" and other expressions of apology are so rare these days.  It seems to be reserved for the brave or twelve-stepper while the rest gouge deeper out of a false sense of pride, say they were joking, or - the worst offense of them all - turn it around and make the victim appear as and feel like a hated, despised criminal.

No, the western world of the 21st century is no more civilized than the rest of the planet.

Sometimes sorry isn't enough.  Being online under the influence will hurt people online to such a degree like rearending a compact full of little kids at a red light.

The question is, if you're sorry and truly regret that alien sentiments left your mouth or keyboard, and sorry isn't enough, what more can you do to make up for it?  Start thinking up a year of special service you could offer for them to show the sincerity of having admitted error once you've made it clear to everyone else that you were referring to yourself when you said what you said.

Being under the influence is no excuse.  If you're drunk or high then either lock yourself into a room away from everyone and breakables and sleep it off or watch TV, or go to rehab. 

Or I start to blog about you.  The only thing worse than degrading my downtime is hurting others within my sights, especially my friends.

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