Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Time's Running Out...

The diner is going bye bye.

There were two possibilities:

1. LDPW would pick up the land and make something epic with it, and

2. I abandon most of it and give myself some time without "Banline Bob" doing the fugly up against my borders.

(Can you believe it? I did business with him and now he has banlines against me around a blank parcel. Any content he has is way out of range of them. What a redneck extortionist)

Funny how the moment you reduce a little, you get bullied via terrain.

The latter is what will occur; before November 1st the Starship Diner is going to get picked up.  Then again anything is possible with abandoned land, so maybe both will occur!

A small parcel may remain for something. Maybe a shop if I get up enough inspiration to design one. It would have to be minimalist given the prim quota.

I'd be interested in a rental on a private estate in the right community.

A second Scourgemobile below joins the other one cited last blog post.
If it were easy I would have picked it up by now.  It's not. That's been my main property for over 5 years.

Thursday night it's going.

Good riddance AnnMarie.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Is This Good-bye to the Starship Diner?

The time has come.

I'm not sure when or how or how much, but I'm planning to reduce my Mainland footprint even further and pick up the diner. 

It was great concept and I had to indulge in the aesthetic of allowing people to drive on the road with a rest stop looming on the horizon, a lit sign breaking the rural darkness.  I've done that for over five years, and many people have stopped their vehicles in my parking spots, noobs checking out the food replicator...

But with Annmarie's drunk Scourgemobiles permitted to dominate Mainland routes and run pedestrians and residential riders off the roads, I'm compelled to withdraw enhanced support for Linden Labs.  Since Jack left there's been very little evidence in the Lab's desire to, as he put it, take an active role as landlord of the grid's largest estate.

Why isn't Annmarie oToole aka Annmarie Oleander aka AnnMarie Resident permbanned?
Seems Linden Labs needs their business more than mine. They've made that clear.
That and bloody stupid timing. I think I can count on one hand when we had a proper gathering in there. Most of the time it was just me. Always someone's rez day or RL thing or something.

I haven't yet decided whether I'm keeping a little for a shop or leave mainland altogether.  I've begun to add items to the Marketplace.  I've made so much over the years yet offered so very little of it.

The "other skybox landlord" has placed stupid banlines along our common border. Stupid because he just constructs skyhomes which aren't occupied, then sends them up where there are no banlines anyway. 

Personally I think the moles should make a diner right on that spot.

Since beginning this entry I've put seasonal mad hats on the SL Marketplace.

My knee is shaping up well.  The tough part of physical therapy is having to cancel it, and I feel next week should be my last one.  I've bonded well with my therapist and will miss her.