Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Plight of Mens Fashion on the Grid

I have nothing to gain from saying it, but it has to be said. I always calls em like I sees em, and when I feel I've been let down, I say it. Due to neglect in the genre, a lot of people are let down each and every day in every corner of every grid.

Those in question can do one of three things: shrug it off, get worse, or get better.

Finally, my piece on Men's Fashion in the virtual worlds.


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Images of Osprey Therian

Osprey far right during the Nova Albion 5th anniversary parade
A noob visiting a brownstone to participate in a photo contest. Osprey's events were my first sense of community and belonging in Second Life.  Nova Albion, a mainland community during an era of adfarms and eyesores was dominated with ultramodern builds. And then there was this old block in Grignano, owned by some of the community's earliest settlers. Osprey, Sal, HBA, the Graysons... a presence still felt a ways from the bustle of the Miramare infohub Osprey helped to maintain. Back in the day when the residents built infohubs and railway stations I would find Osprey's name a few times.

The vaudeville act TSMGO aka The Show Must Go On, which took place on an airship converted into a theatre over the lake in Phobos. Here yaks perform an interpretive dance:


The Nova Albion anniversary parade. Os was a co-conspirator of those earlier parades.


Osprey's passionate pursuit of gamer cards as virtual sport:


The die cut tin ducks (I think I know what I'd wear if there was a memorial event)


I remember those first days in spring 2008 and a media screen caught my eye upon leaving her photo gallery following one of the contest exhibits. I watched Bitstream Boogie, my first taste of SL machinima. Possibly that of most people:

Even as recently as a few days ago Os came into Second Life. I imagine to see it one last time or to set some affairs in order. It may be selfish to say - especially from someone who wasn't as close to her - that it hurts to know someone who barely brushed your life and made such an impact in it is dying a slow death, even moreso when you know their time has finally come. In truth Osprey started dropping off her presence in Second Life just as I made mine. But there is no priority in how someone touches a life or plants seeds of inspiration.

Osprey showed me early on that there was more to Second Life than avatars, Linden dollars and parcels.  This place has amazing potential limited only by the imagination, and much of Os' imagination brought people together and enriched them all.

A recent machinima of Osprey's ride into the sunset with some friends before MS claimed her in both worlds.


Farewell Osprey Therian, from your neighbor across the river.