Monday, March 28, 2011

I'm a Doctor, Not an Architect

So I had it all planned out for that special table.  Victorian style wooden flat files with a raised board for displays.  It was looking great.  I was planning the woodgrain for it.  I had designed ornate black iron handles for the drawers.

Then the light went on.

3 prims per handle, 2 per drawer, 4 drawers, knob for pull-out board, 2 props for back of display board, 2 brass cradles for hinged props, 2 hinges for raised board, 8 pieces of wood... 23 prims not including tins of charcoal & pastels and other vendor elements.

I'm not in Hydrangea.  This is a tiny rental in Clockhaven with a primcount limit.

At this writing, that version of the furniture is sitting incomplete in my backyard in Hydrangea.  It was back to the drawing board...

I'll need to create the drawers on textures.  Ditto the brass cradles.  Draw the knob for the pullout? Maybe keep that one as a prim.  7 prims total for the furniture.  That could work!

Came out to ten. Still need to make the cradlethingie side. I think perhaps I'd like to offer the big one for sale. It's going to be nice. Just cant use it myself...

Friday, March 18, 2011

Giving & Getting

Japan relief stuff...

I think for Japan it's easy: a designer shirt with Anime style art on it.

What could I make for Relay for Life?

I can think about Giant Snail Races shirts, both for Racer to raise funds toward track expenses and for their RFL group.

What about New Babbage?  My art isn't wearable in the steamlands.  Not for anyone in character.  No ties, no T-shirts.  Yeah I can make brass 3D glasses, but would you buy them?  Even for charity?

Hmmm... I hadn't thought of that.  Designer 3D glasses. More things to sketch and plan...

Time to move forward with fishiversary items after the fundraising stuff is over.

Isn't SL8B coming up soon as well? Sheesh.

Tonight if I'm home soon enough, it's both RedNoseDay on the web (I hope) and a party with the TimeLord Club.

I dropped the big "Dr Who" group.  I hadn't felt a friendly vibe with them.  Their group chat is more often than not a cringefest.  You get your share of blatant teens signed up as adults on Timelord Club chat as well as any Dr Who group (technically Dr Who is a kid's show, but technically the group and its primary doings are on mature property), but their contingent are friendly and pleasant for the most part, and always ready to help a sincere stranger.  Ditto the sims.  On Katrina I'm less likely to strike up a conversation with anyone; they're too busy blowing eachother up anyway.  Just buy whatever then jump back out.  Not that they don't play blow-up on TARDIS every now and then, but New London just doesn't seem "blow-upcentric".  Doctor Who isn't about wearing exoapparati and blowing stuff or people up. I was impressed with how folks recently converged on Adipose Square on their own in TARDIS to pay respects to the recently departed Nicholas Courtney. There I sense a community.

What Are You?

I help little old ladies cross the street.

I stay with someone who had a bad fall until help arrives.

I help pull people apart when tempers run high.

Do you turn away and keep walking?

What are you?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Oddz n Enz

I realized some songs I'd like for Saturday night's playlist are on vinyl, and that I never got them on CD.  Oops.  That still leaves plenty to work with for a perky, optimistic set to celebrate spring.  Beware - this is going to be upbeat; bubblegum might be "served" as well.

My original parcel in Bay City is now the home of a newspaper publisher. This should be fun!

I've been charmed by New Babbage and the people I've met there.  One guise of my persona will soon open a tiny shop in Clockhaven called Artifictions.  Pondering over what the "furniture" should be.  Wish there was room a bench outside but the door is inches away from stone steps.  While I've already appeared at a New Babbage event in my pseudo-Tennant avatar (well it was a time travel party), it's not likely I'll be using it again there in character. The recent Pancake Races video has my look.

Every night this week Jen Shikami is hosting mini-contests at 7Seas HQ in Flotsam Beach. It's a lot of fun. The prize for the top winners is fishbait. Who doesn't love fishbait? mmmm-m!

Saturday will be busy!  First at noon SLT is Nova Albion's 7th anniversary celebration.  If you haven't seen posters around for it in the Tricities it's because schedules couldn't allow us to meet inworld and - for the first time in years - there was no SL forum for NA's residents to plan.  If any group made good use of their SL Community resources, it was them.  Fortunately Twitter has been very helpful in sounding the call.  While I anticipate a galvanized gaggle of tin ducks, I'll be taking a snail.

Saturday night's my Hop Into Spring party from 10:30pm EST aka 7:30 pm SLT. Maybe this time I'll have a pink star on the map?

Sunday has a big event: Giant Snail Races run Relay for Life along the western coastline of Heterocera Atoll continent from Filip to Calleta.  If you want to race with us (you donate to get a qualifying scarf) or sponsor a snail, come by The Starship Diner in Hydrangea on Rt 4. You'll see boxes in the parking lot for free snails and RFLish things. By the diner's big sign is a donation Kiosk if you just want to give.

I see only 9 signatures for the Scourgemobile petition. That's a bit ridiculous. I mean, all those people who expressed their disgust inworld, in blogs, on boards... and we got 9 people incl myself?

Friday, March 11, 2011

Petition is Up!

I'm looking to have violations addressed and to enforce phantom and temp for rezzed automated vehicles intended for Linden routes use, and enforce removal of scripts which bypass autoreturn rules.

If you have posted images in flickr of AnnMarie or similar vehicles which fall into this proposal's concerns, please take a moment to add the keyword scourgemobile into its tags or description?


Scourgemobile Notecard Info

I call them all Scourgemobiles.  You've seen them on Mainland roads, unpaved roadbeds, and SLRR tracks: trucks, cars, buses, ice cream trucks, garbage trucks, tanks, etc.

Names she uses in stuff & as a landowner:
AnnMarie OToole
AnnMarie Oleander
AnnMarie Resident

Groups of note she belongs to:
Protected Route Interest Group - officer
SL Transit Authority - owner

IMHO she exploits protected roads and they're no longer protected. Her unmanned scourgemobiles exist on the premise that people click and use them, but that's not true. They start off on their own.  They hog the road and make it difficult for people (with or without vehicles) to pass.   They are NOT phantom so they run over, run down, drag, lag, and crash people and their vehicles.

Sometimes a procession of them are witnessed.

They are noisy. They belch out excessive particles. They are heavily scripted and lag regions.  They are ugly and diminish the quality of everybody else's life on Mainland.  I don't know anyone who wants them to pass their property.

Actions: Looking into the best course of action to take. My friends know I'm not big on drama and am more interested in results.  I'm hearing from a growing number of people who want to lend their support towards the removal of Scourgemobiles.  One way is to look for the #Scourgemobile hashtag on Twitter for posts on the topic, and look for scourgemobile as a key word on for supporting screenshots.

In the meantime here are the rezzer locations I've found.  There may be more and I did not check Zindra.  If you find more, please let me know so I can update the list.  Note I'm not marking down legit shops or homes; I'm only interested in compiling the locations which contribute to the problem by rezzing automated vehicles.  The SLURL was generated in most cases when standing beside the rezzing prim.

Sansara (unpaved roadbed)
Bus Stop Rezzer:



Corsica Bus Stop Rezzers: the premise of a bus stop of the SL transportation Corp. But the platform rezzes a new one periodically. this is apart from the bus in a box salable prim to the side...

Bus Stop:


Gaeta parcel full.  Rezzes on protected roadside instead.􀀁

Nautilus vehicle rezzes there but when others survive a round trip they park on a protected rez zone south of AnnMarie's gas station at the end of Rt 14 on

Nautilus Noteworthy:
1. Gas Station owned by Raphael Treves with AnnMarie content incl the "Second Life Transit Authority" click to ride billboard ad.  No rezzer (yet) at writing

REMOVED (thank you):
"Taxi stand" on LDPW Rezzing Zone against the Ross Infohub border (rezzer is across the road in Samoa)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bits of String

A final draft of the petition has been drawn. I watched as AnnMarie oToole/Oleander/Resident hung back with her output then poured it back on, as well as resume discussion on a JIRA as though her thousands of scourgemobiles were her (her usual "I cross that region yea many high numbers each day" wackiness).  It's time we cleaned up Mainland once and for all.

The Scourgetrolleys have indeed held back output. They no longer spam the SLRR rails. At least someone got a clue somewhere.

Today New Babbage is holding its annual pancake race.  I was intrigued by this event after seeing a video by Loki Eliot.  After prowling around the city these past few weeks, it will be fun to mingle and watch.  It's nice that it's at a USA-friendly time. 

Parcels in Bay City Jr are still on the block.  Have real estate goons caught on that exhorbitant landflipping in PG regions means you'll get to keep those for a long time?  Was it worth the tier not letting a true homesteader have it for a decent price?  Sounds like some folks have grevious intentions more than playing a middleman.

Groupness isn't happening as much as I would have liked, and friend conference hasn't worked in some time.  Love to consolidate my announcements to two blasts at some point.

Yes, I am looking to sell my older Bay City parcel.  Are you a potential new citizen to Mainland's best themed community or just looking to add more prim quota to an existing parcel?  If you promise not to superglow or banline it, jam it with laggy scripts or subject everyone to unrestricted parcel noise, contact me.

7Seas Fishiversary may be coming up in April (we can't really anticipate what people have planned after Burn2).  Assuming The Shikamis are moving forward with celebrations, I'll be ready this time.  Currently my build forms a conspicious star north of the diner on the SLURL map.  That may change soon.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ahhh groupness...

I figured if anyone looked up my name or the names of any of my places in group search they'd show up in results, so I went with Cartoon World & Beyond.

Recent releases of Phoenix have introduced many Viewer 2 features while preserving the classic interface (the UI is only a facade; pushing a button one way is no more integral to a look than pushing is somewhere else. LL just don't want to restore conveniences such as a viable local/IM chat module after spending so much money having had the viewer redesigned.

And nuff said about that search and profiles eh?

But I digress...

So with both Viewer2 and Phoenix set for 42 groups capability, it was time to say good-bye to subscribe-o-matic.

I tried to kill one of my idle groups but still it sits on my list with just me as a member for over a month.

Thank you Marianne for that joining script.  I replaced the 'o-matic easel in my diner with a new one.