Thursday, March 17, 2011

Oddz n Enz

I realized some songs I'd like for Saturday night's playlist are on vinyl, and that I never got them on CD.  Oops.  That still leaves plenty to work with for a perky, optimistic set to celebrate spring.  Beware - this is going to be upbeat; bubblegum might be "served" as well.

My original parcel in Bay City is now the home of a newspaper publisher. This should be fun!

I've been charmed by New Babbage and the people I've met there.  One guise of my persona will soon open a tiny shop in Clockhaven called Artifictions.  Pondering over what the "furniture" should be.  Wish there was room a bench outside but the door is inches away from stone steps.  While I've already appeared at a New Babbage event in my pseudo-Tennant avatar (well it was a time travel party), it's not likely I'll be using it again there in character. The recent Pancake Races video has my look.

Every night this week Jen Shikami is hosting mini-contests at 7Seas HQ in Flotsam Beach. It's a lot of fun. The prize for the top winners is fishbait. Who doesn't love fishbait? mmmm-m!

Saturday will be busy!  First at noon SLT is Nova Albion's 7th anniversary celebration.  If you haven't seen posters around for it in the Tricities it's because schedules couldn't allow us to meet inworld and - for the first time in years - there was no SL forum for NA's residents to plan.  If any group made good use of their SL Community resources, it was them.  Fortunately Twitter has been very helpful in sounding the call.  While I anticipate a galvanized gaggle of tin ducks, I'll be taking a snail.

Saturday night's my Hop Into Spring party from 10:30pm EST aka 7:30 pm SLT. Maybe this time I'll have a pink star on the map?

Sunday has a big event: Giant Snail Races run Relay for Life along the western coastline of Heterocera Atoll continent from Filip to Calleta.  If you want to race with us (you donate to get a qualifying scarf) or sponsor a snail, come by The Starship Diner in Hydrangea on Rt 4. You'll see boxes in the parking lot for free snails and RFLish things. By the diner's big sign is a donation Kiosk if you just want to give.

I see only 9 signatures for the Scourgemobile petition. That's a bit ridiculous. I mean, all those people who expressed their disgust inworld, in blogs, on boards... and we got 9 people incl myself?


  1. Scourgemobiles: what's the URL mate?

    Newspaper: A RL one? An SL one? A roleplaying one? Also, where?

  2. The URL is in the next blog post :P

    Re the Bay City Post: More a role play one I think. They're not looking to make The Daily Planet, just have a little fun.