Friday, March 11, 2011

Scourgemobile Notecard Info

I call them all Scourgemobiles.  You've seen them on Mainland roads, unpaved roadbeds, and SLRR tracks: trucks, cars, buses, ice cream trucks, garbage trucks, tanks, etc.

Names she uses in stuff & as a landowner:
AnnMarie OToole
AnnMarie Oleander
AnnMarie Resident

Groups of note she belongs to:
Protected Route Interest Group - officer
SL Transit Authority - owner

IMHO she exploits protected roads and they're no longer protected. Her unmanned scourgemobiles exist on the premise that people click and use them, but that's not true. They start off on their own.  They hog the road and make it difficult for people (with or without vehicles) to pass.   They are NOT phantom so they run over, run down, drag, lag, and crash people and their vehicles.

Sometimes a procession of them are witnessed.

They are noisy. They belch out excessive particles. They are heavily scripted and lag regions.  They are ugly and diminish the quality of everybody else's life on Mainland.  I don't know anyone who wants them to pass their property.

Actions: Looking into the best course of action to take. My friends know I'm not big on drama and am more interested in results.  I'm hearing from a growing number of people who want to lend their support towards the removal of Scourgemobiles.  One way is to look for the #Scourgemobile hashtag on Twitter for posts on the topic, and look for scourgemobile as a key word on for supporting screenshots.

In the meantime here are the rezzer locations I've found.  There may be more and I did not check Zindra.  If you find more, please let me know so I can update the list.  Note I'm not marking down legit shops or homes; I'm only interested in compiling the locations which contribute to the problem by rezzing automated vehicles.  The SLURL was generated in most cases when standing beside the rezzing prim.

Sansara (unpaved roadbed)
Bus Stop Rezzer:



Corsica Bus Stop Rezzers: the premise of a bus stop of the SL transportation Corp. But the platform rezzes a new one periodically. this is apart from the bus in a box salable prim to the side...

Bus Stop:


Gaeta parcel full.  Rezzes on protected roadside instead.􀀁

Nautilus vehicle rezzes there but when others survive a round trip they park on a protected rez zone south of AnnMarie's gas station at the end of Rt 14 on

Nautilus Noteworthy:
1. Gas Station owned by Raphael Treves with AnnMarie content incl the "Second Life Transit Authority" click to ride billboard ad.  No rezzer (yet) at writing

REMOVED (thank you):
"Taxi stand" on LDPW Rezzing Zone against the Ross Infohub border (rezzer is across the road in Samoa)

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