Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Recovering... Recovering...

Ever have one of those days when you're done wearing purple but forgot how to wear anything else?  On the Monday after I honestly didn't know what to change into post-Relay Weekend.

Message to self: arrange group shot of team.
Holocluck Snurky Toryn Lemondrop Sev Seven BB Grey
(Lemondrop was invited for pic as nearby designer & friend)
 I woke up to a Toontown Rewritten session under way by ten minutes. Red bunny finally completed Toontown Central tasks.  They've added more servers and brought down the wait time.  The sessions have been far more stable. Pretty soon Seven and I will be able to coordinate playtime sessions.  A small cog invasion for part of it gave bunny a nice boost in gags.  Big question is who among my three docks-worthy toons gets to progress?

Penny Pincher on Seaweed Street

I rescued Tindy from rising waters to hang out at the Telethon Studios. We have to perfect our silliness; it went better last year.  I blame the high seats at the news desk.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Eve of Relay

Another year and another Relay Weekend.

This year I dominated the campsite build

Flashback 2012: someone on the team accused me of being a control freak when the rest of us were compelled to make a snap decision after she walked out on us during the eleventh hour. We returned everything and in the end, everyone together made a very appealing campsite within a day.

This year I asserted myself as "official control freak" and came up with Amethyst City.  Oz would never leave my mind, not since last August when the 2014 theme Journey of Hope was first announced. 

My generation in the USA can recite most of the movie, irregardless of cultural background, preferences, class, with the possible exception of the Amish.

Our team logo is that of the Tin Woodman's heart.  A deceptive object, as deceptive as the creature.  How can something empty and hollow be capable of so much generosity?  How can a clockwork heart be responsible for compassion and love?  Maybe something is inside you don't or cannot see... As with the movie, it's been there all along and maybe one just needed a reminder, or maybe for others to see one must wear one's heart on their sleeve.  Or shirt.

London Village was to have their annual festival this weekend, regardless of the name of their sim.  I haven't heard anything since May, not even group notices.  Hmmm...

Anyway there was a point I wanted to make about the campsite...

Oh yes!  It's almost complete with the help of longtime friend Toryn.  And Aley of course.  I have a plaque on a wall thanking Aley for creations, a true godsend for the hopelessly unscriptable. 

So this year I was proactively the control freak. You can call me that this year with regard to the campsite. It's okay because you'd be right.

On the track at RFL - Fight Back sim.