Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Nova Albion's Turn for the Spotlight

Nova Albion's 6th anniversary is less than a week off.  Second Life's first self-themed mainland community, with its paved roads and canals, is intended to be the picture of neo-urban affluence.

Residents have used their double-prim quotas to form a distinct skyline.  Even before adfarms were outlawed, very little of Miramare and Grignano had them.

Many of NA's faithful settled when it was new many years ago.  They have a unique relationship with the Lindens.  Left over from a time when all infohubs were built and maintained by residents, the NA City Slickers continue to have access rights to their infohub.

Real estate prices in Nova Aibion make Bay City look like a slum.  Be prepared to shell out a thousand US dollars or more for a decent sized parcel.  I'd love even a little strip of roadside there; just like Bay City & Shermerville, Nova Albion properties cannot be split or joined.

We'll join in force this Saturday at 2pm SLT for a parade.  The route is as follows. Click for a more detailed pic:

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hydrangea Groundbreaking & Consecration Ceremony

Spirits of the H-Atoll
Join us on this special stroll
Guard this land which we extoll
Carved out from a route by mole.

See the sunrise every four
See the sunset just before
See the northern coast beyond
See the ships and swaying frond.

Let no banline mar our mirth
As we invoke this rebirth
Let this be a happy place
Put a smile on every face

May I do these needy lands
The justice my calling demands
For every noob and veteran kinds
To leave with good times in their minds.

Spirits see this land as blessed
Dirt or pixel you know best
Thought is that which always counts
Bringing joy is what amounts.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Where Do We Go From Here?

Last night some of us pondered more names for the diner.  It became evident that from that location one could potentially see both the sunrise and sunset.

It's looking more and more like the diner will be better suited toward the western part of the property, with the back wall to the banlines and an "out back" type area with a dumpster (freebie dumpster like at SL6B?).  This would afford visitors the best 3 other views out of the windows while keep people oblivious of the neighbor's offending barrier with a buffer.  Other than out back, I wonder where the Stargate would be located? I did save the parking lot lines for it, so can drop them on the asphalt anywhere which suits.  I guess I'll get a better idea once things are installed following the LDPW terrain adjustment.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's Time For...

...Naaaaaame that diner!

The natural first choice to me was "The Eat n Run Diner," which was the working name when I had Plano last fall.

But then, you have to think about it.   Even when I had my overhead light scripted as a danceball, even with the Zorba line rezzed, people would naturally gravitate toward the bunny ball.  Maybe it should be called "The Bunny Hop Diner."

"The Hydrangea Diner" is as obvious as it is obviously bad.

"Cluckey's Diner"?

The "Route 2 Diner" is another double obvious.

The Region Crossing Diner (Assets Served)

Are we getting silly yet?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mission Accomplished...

...though it was a tense auction.  They'll never be the same for me after Turtle Dove.  The important thing is that I got the land, which will be my future home and my future playground.

Now comes the big question:

What do I call the diner?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Don't Breathe

On Sunday morning I took down The Golden Yak Diner.

For 2-1/2 months it was my winter getaway, with its cozy interior and panoramic view of the snowy landscape outside.

I carefully packed the diner in its designated folder, naming the sections of parking lot asphalt, preserving the Stargate entry lines, the two signs, the booths...

Starting this month I'd pay $5 for tier until the land I'd kept vigil over from afar for months went to auction.  I'd use the time to fashion a permanent diner for said land - which is larger than what I had in Anilis and more irregular - as well as a home.

And the sign.  Most likely similar to Anilis/SL6B...

Many months ago I found the perfect spot for my diner.  As was my habit, I'd fly over mainland roads.  So many large chunks had been abandoned due to the mass migration to Zindra.  It was almost perfect.  Let's face it: Heterocera Atoll's dried grasslands...

I set the Plano parcel for sale and started downsizing the content on Anilis.

There's a nice catlady who lives nearby.  It has a decent view (orientation of the diner could be critical).  Like Anilis, the property is oddly shaped, almost triangular.  Two thirds of it borders protected land.  It's at a fork in the road. The third border is marred by banlines, which is easily solved (mwahah); one of the protected sides is a region crossing (the story of my life).

When I confided in its location with Marianne (only one of two people), it turned out to be a parcel she was familiar with.  Seems she & Pygar used to skateboard down the ravine back in the day (which makes me wonder just how long it's been abandoned).  She even knows the catlady!  I smell destiny!

I'll continue this after the auction.

A big, gnarly hunk of land in Hydrangea, bordering Bridge Road to the north & Route 2 to the south; I'll see about having a smooth connection between the road and my diner's parking lot.

Still waiting for the system to charge my card, but that should be a non-issue.  Gonna have to assess the land for terraforming & pay my respects to the catlady, introduce myself as the new neighbor.

Previous major land purchases were made with an input from vibes.  I always had very good vibes with Anilis, and it was sad to part ways with the area.  This time around it seems like much of Hydrangea feels cold and soulless, that it's waiting for me to wake up the region.