Thursday, September 24, 2009

Just Plano Underhanded

So get this. Sometime this past week, Linden Lab must have passed the massive abandoned Plano land (over 40-something thousand square miles) over to some real estate person or something. 

I was asking Michael Linden during the SLDPW whether the estate folks have been known to cut land up before putting such a large piece up for auction, or whether he and the moles get a crack at it.  I looked at the map to give him an SLURL to see the region, and I did a double-take.

It was no longer abandoned and it wasn't up for auction; suddenly there were yellow squares parceled out by some pseudo baron (I later saw).

As for the land won at the auction by that nice couple? They abandoned it! Sheesh well who told them to put the weird shape for sale as one piece for a high price.  It's PG land hellooo!  We're having a financial crisis hellooo!

So anyway what's up with LL underhandedly passing land to someone? Has this been known to happen?  I mean, you don't think THEY set the stuff for sale and the baron flipped it, do you?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Return to Normalcy

Is there such a thing after half your belongings have been thrown out? Not sure. A lot set me back in SL as Dad's PC had less memory,deterring me from logging in as much as I'd have liked.

And how can I ignore the changes? Plano went from seemingly populated to blank terrain (save the tacky cliche beside me of course). Do I become the rest stop along the lonely stretch of road? I have to admit the region's PG status has me wondering as well; I like to leave my options open for the occasional offcolor joke or random curse on the radio.

Meanwhile to (hopefully) fund my next tier, I'll be throwing old stuff to eBay. I've noticed in the meantime that the new "improved" website does not appear to have a buy US$ option in the Linden Exchange. Where was this relocated to?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Chicken Has Landed

There is a chicken peck peck pecking in Burning Life-Quinn. Come by to click her so she lays eggs. I need those eggs to make tempra paint.

Someone suggested I start a new blog to document the creation process. That would be a good idea except I forgot the Title I submitted, and I thought that was perfect. We should get copies of our submissions in a confirmation but we don't.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Campsite Acquired!

I like to think there's something to reputation. For SL6B I kept to my proposal, even with leaving enough out to allow for freedom & improvisation. And of course I never fell prey to overkilling on glow.

I'd submitted the theme for a combination art piece & perfomance venue of sorts, with the theme itself playing a role in the medium & direction of the build itself. Yes, I've left enough open to create.

The performance piece will rely on audience parcipitation, making it improvisational as well. This weekend I make the freebies: a T-shirt, deely boppers (I have two in mind), and a few attachments.

I'll be hitting the art store for - among other things - parchment. Yeah I'll be toughing out a couple of waning supplement bottles in favor of making art.

My place won't be script heavy until the burning. And there will be a burning :)

I seem to recall they allowed visitors before the event dates. Since creating my place will also be a performance piece of sorts, once I begin (probably on Yom Kippur) you might want to check in periodically. Maybe ;)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Jeez Louise & Two Thirds!

Now the west neighbors put a full glow orb on the corner of my land.

Never do that.




Friday, September 4, 2009

Time DOES fly in SL After All!

As an addendum to my previous entry: I was right, she was wrong; she DID only get 4k of land, which is all for sale. The big chunk is still pending an auction. She should have broken the land up into little saleable pieces IMHO; who's going to want weird L shaped property at Mature prices?

Looking back on my blogs of last year, it seems I had set my sights at that time to get a spot for pools & lost Anilis to an ER visit. I still had my property in Juliet, which I still miss by the way, and maintenance was a measely $15 (LOL people are freaking at that statement I know). My friend's rental areas were moving in another direction, & there was talk of cleaning up the mainland starting October 1st. Then, fate stepped in when a pig in the next region decided she wanted my Juliet land just as those who took the Anilis land were desperate to sell. September 30 will mark a year living in the Jewish neighborhood by the tracks.

It's been nice living among TMA folk, who settle around Nessus and enrich the area with culture. I changed the style of my place from Juliet2 and rebuilt it in a spirit conducive to the area, with colors to offset the dingy dry grass. The things which didn't happen were the SLRR never got off the ground (they're testing the waters with a monorail system in Zindra first), and my lack of pools and 7Seas customs. I have been beseiged with disruptions in RL which scream Cosmic Test to the point where I'm currently not even staying at home. I'm sure this will all clear at some point, when my home is a home again & I log into SL whenever I want.

What else? We lost a neighbor and another neighbor lost their mind. Some got scammed but saw their way past it. The music continues to play, and somewhere south of here is a Sponge in a yarmulka wandering the fields.

Snurky had been logged out in Angler and afforded me a glimpse after I'd left. A GLBT tropical beach club took over my old spot, along with a sliver to augment the neighors' home to the west. The others I'd imagine continue to entertain former Outers people, and hopefully realize how good they have it just the way things are.

Bay City: Cartoon World may be headed for a change. Many pop culture images were uncovered during my desperate cleanup, enough to open an additional level. Something to look forward to in October as well, either right before or right after Burning Life.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Speaking of Henhouses...

It appears the Sion fad has ended as quickly as it began in Anilis and neighboring parts. Up the hill is chickenless, which was felt before seen. There are still a couple of occupied coops across the tracks. The shop and barriered coops at the crossroads in Pawpaw have been replaced with abandoned land.

Hmmm. Not a bad spot for a diner.

I heard a recent upgrade promising less lag to Sion farmers broke their eggs. I guess they delivered on the end result :P

I will cherish the bowl of Sion chicken soup Beth gifted me.

Just Plano Strange

Since I couldn't afford another place in Bay City or Nova Albion for roadside yaddas, I went looking until I found what appeared to be a perfect spot in Plano.

Plano is on the coastline of Heterocera toward the west. A cobblestone road from the north curves eastward there and makes its way to Hoboville and the Calleta trainyards. Along this southern route I found a perfect spot for cheap, across the street from a mall, marina, and seaside highrises. What they needed in the area was a roadside diner. :P

I cleared the land and the Lindens cleared a tree. I started working on the diner sporadically in sandboxes; staying temporarily w/dad while my apt undergoes treatment for bedbugs has not been conducive for building. Besides he has one gig less RAM than me.

Having found Paintshop Pro 7 lacked the versatility I was accustomed to with Photoshop 5, I went home for an hour after work to prepare some textures. I logged in to upload them and decided to hit Plano and check out who the new neighbor was.

Apparently the land up for auction turned out to be over 40k sqm and not 4k sqm. All that stuff across the road had disappeared: the seaside apartments, the mall, even the marina. It was all abandoned and quickly sent to auction with the crossroads corner parcel. I didn't know the Lindens auctioned abandoned property that large. The winners were a nice couple who planned to parcel it up and sell it off. It's PG land, which - at the water or by the road - does not command any great value at the moment. I wish them luck.

I also wish ME luck too! Hope the neighbors like free food and hate Sion chickens and glow.