Thursday, September 24, 2009

Just Plano Underhanded

So get this. Sometime this past week, Linden Lab must have passed the massive abandoned Plano land (over 40-something thousand square miles) over to some real estate person or something. 

I was asking Michael Linden during the SLDPW whether the estate folks have been known to cut land up before putting such a large piece up for auction, or whether he and the moles get a crack at it.  I looked at the map to give him an SLURL to see the region, and I did a double-take.

It was no longer abandoned and it wasn't up for auction; suddenly there were yellow squares parceled out by some pseudo baron (I later saw).

As for the land won at the auction by that nice couple? They abandoned it! Sheesh well who told them to put the weird shape for sale as one piece for a high price.  It's PG land hellooo!  We're having a financial crisis hellooo!

So anyway what's up with LL underhandedly passing land to someone? Has this been known to happen?  I mean, you don't think THEY set the stuff for sale and the baron flipped it, do you?

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