Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Just Plano Strange

Since I couldn't afford another place in Bay City or Nova Albion for roadside yaddas, I went looking until I found what appeared to be a perfect spot in Plano.

Plano is on the coastline of Heterocera toward the west. A cobblestone road from the north curves eastward there and makes its way to Hoboville and the Calleta trainyards. Along this southern route I found a perfect spot for cheap, across the street from a mall, marina, and seaside highrises. What they needed in the area was a roadside diner. :P

I cleared the land and the Lindens cleared a tree. I started working on the diner sporadically in sandboxes; staying temporarily w/dad while my apt undergoes treatment for bedbugs has not been conducive for building. Besides he has one gig less RAM than me.

Having found Paintshop Pro 7 lacked the versatility I was accustomed to with Photoshop 5, I went home for an hour after work to prepare some textures. I logged in to upload them and decided to hit Plano and check out who the new neighbor was.

Apparently the land up for auction turned out to be over 40k sqm and not 4k sqm. All that stuff across the road had disappeared: the seaside apartments, the mall, even the marina. It was all abandoned and quickly sent to auction with the crossroads corner parcel. I didn't know the Lindens auctioned abandoned property that large. The winners were a nice couple who planned to parcel it up and sell it off. It's PG land, which - at the water or by the road - does not command any great value at the moment. I wish them luck.

I also wish ME luck too! Hope the neighbors like free food and hate Sion chickens and glow.

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