Friday, September 4, 2009

Time DOES fly in SL After All!

As an addendum to my previous entry: I was right, she was wrong; she DID only get 4k of land, which is all for sale. The big chunk is still pending an auction. She should have broken the land up into little saleable pieces IMHO; who's going to want weird L shaped property at Mature prices?

Looking back on my blogs of last year, it seems I had set my sights at that time to get a spot for pools & lost Anilis to an ER visit. I still had my property in Juliet, which I still miss by the way, and maintenance was a measely $15 (LOL people are freaking at that statement I know). My friend's rental areas were moving in another direction, & there was talk of cleaning up the mainland starting October 1st. Then, fate stepped in when a pig in the next region decided she wanted my Juliet land just as those who took the Anilis land were desperate to sell. September 30 will mark a year living in the Jewish neighborhood by the tracks.

It's been nice living among TMA folk, who settle around Nessus and enrich the area with culture. I changed the style of my place from Juliet2 and rebuilt it in a spirit conducive to the area, with colors to offset the dingy dry grass. The things which didn't happen were the SLRR never got off the ground (they're testing the waters with a monorail system in Zindra first), and my lack of pools and 7Seas customs. I have been beseiged with disruptions in RL which scream Cosmic Test to the point where I'm currently not even staying at home. I'm sure this will all clear at some point, when my home is a home again & I log into SL whenever I want.

What else? We lost a neighbor and another neighbor lost their mind. Some got scammed but saw their way past it. The music continues to play, and somewhere south of here is a Sponge in a yarmulka wandering the fields.

Snurky had been logged out in Angler and afforded me a glimpse after I'd left. A GLBT tropical beach club took over my old spot, along with a sliver to augment the neighors' home to the west. The others I'd imagine continue to entertain former Outers people, and hopefully realize how good they have it just the way things are.

Bay City: Cartoon World may be headed for a change. Many pop culture images were uncovered during my desperate cleanup, enough to open an additional level. Something to look forward to in October as well, either right before or right after Burning Life.

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