Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Return to Normalcy

Is there such a thing after half your belongings have been thrown out? Not sure. A lot set me back in SL as Dad's PC had less memory,deterring me from logging in as much as I'd have liked.

And how can I ignore the changes? Plano went from seemingly populated to blank terrain (save the tacky cliche beside me of course). Do I become the rest stop along the lonely stretch of road? I have to admit the region's PG status has me wondering as well; I like to leave my options open for the occasional offcolor joke or random curse on the radio.

Meanwhile to (hopefully) fund my next tier, I'll be throwing old stuff to eBay. I've noticed in the meantime that the new "improved" website does not appear to have a buy US$ option in the Linden Exchange. Where was this relocated to?


  1. This weekend. The Tri-Hood meeting went smoothly :) I need to schedule another I guess :P How about Saturday?