Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Campsite Acquired!

I like to think there's something to reputation. For SL6B I kept to my proposal, even with leaving enough out to allow for freedom & improvisation. And of course I never fell prey to overkilling on glow.

I'd submitted the theme for a combination art piece & perfomance venue of sorts, with the theme itself playing a role in the medium & direction of the build itself. Yes, I've left enough open to create.

The performance piece will rely on audience parcipitation, making it improvisational as well. This weekend I make the freebies: a T-shirt, deely boppers (I have two in mind), and a few attachments.

I'll be hitting the art store for - among other things - parchment. Yeah I'll be toughing out a couple of waning supplement bottles in favor of making art.

My place won't be script heavy until the burning. And there will be a burning :)

I seem to recall they allowed visitors before the event dates. Since creating my place will also be a performance piece of sorts, once I begin (probably on Yom Kippur) you might want to check in periodically. Maybe ;)

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