Friday, May 30, 2014

June is Wacko Schedule Month

I don't know what it is about June and October in Second Life that there are way too many major events jammed into one month than is possible to attend much less participate in or coordinate.

Here is June's breakdown for me thus far:
- DJing for a fundraiser for team Brooklyn during an art auction.
- SLSFCon7 - finally recognized as a Relay For Life mega event.  DJing, shop, and booth for team. Also 7Seas fishing contests on site Mon & Fri
- Fashion For Life - applying for a shop this week.
- Nova Swing night.
- Castles Contest week hosted by team Strange Journeys.  DJing.  I believe they'll have places for team shops.
- SL11B - DJing and exhibit. Started work on it.
- Simwide weekend Hearts & Souls is working out with team Harmony of Hope.  More about that when it's time, and by the right people.  As performance coordinator I'm looking to bring in many people known around the grid who are not common faces at Relay For Life mutli-team gatherings. Also DJing that Saturday Morning.
- Begin building the Relay Weekend campsite.
Busy enough?
Still plan to attend A Piece of the Action at the Seraph Club and Breakfast in Babbage this month as well.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Events and all Sundry

The autoimmune battle appears to be going well. My latest food intolerance rest came back with no redline foods and just a couple of moderate choices to visit only periodically. My year abstaining from rice paid off to some degree, but it still sends me a flag, so I may be reacting to it in some other way.  While my intolerance to Gilatin has dropped from severe to moderate, I  still need to keep a diligent eye out for anything made from wheat, oats, spelt, buckwheat, and so on.

Working with Adobe Audition has been some learning curve.  Snurky recorded clips at work and I mixed them to serve as "commercials" for last Thursday's DJ gig at Fantasy Faire.  It's strange that AVS4you's audio edit program is as difficult as it is. Truth to tell her PSA this year was mixed in their video editor, then converted.  Pity the audio prog doesn't work like the video prog for sound...

The PSAs all mixed well in Audition with the exception of volume control.  One I turned down the gain and the other up.  I really have to wonder why they came out differently if she allegedly recorded them back to back.  And how to reliably change the volume when the peak bar is unreliable.

Looking ahead I may engage some voices for upcoming gigs.  That was kinda fun.

The next RFL gig is this weekend for Relay Stock, with the return of new tie dyes including longer and hemmed versions and ladies' leggings.  That's just from me. Other members of the team will be putting out dresses, jewelry and more.

For those whom 8am SLT is primetine or late morning I'll be playing a groovy 2-hour set.  Beatles, Bee Gees, Donovan, Monkees, Rolling Stones, Tommy James, etc etc. 

SFCon7 will be next, with emphasis on comics, superheroes and other genre subjects. My team mates will also have offerings at one of the space stations.   Hot on those heels will be Fashion For Life.  There's a good chance I'll have a shop there as well, which will allow people to continue to get the new items offered at SFCon7 plus exclusive casual apparel.

June will continue with 3 home grown events, two for RFL. Team Strange Journeys will have a Medieval themed week (DJing and vendors).  This runs into SL11B, where I've applied for a parcel and applied for a DJ spot for Electro-Swing; if asked I'll be happy to play a set for the Bay City Pavillion as well.  Another RFL team is planning a themed weekend, and Hearts & Souls may collaborate with them if I can find some other conscious members of the team who may not be builders and still want to help inworld in some way.

Throughout this I've been planning our Relay Weekend campsite.  I may lasso scripters for some "effects" and reacquaint myself with QVanimator for custom poses.  There's enough to give my fellow builders something to do and add their personalities to the presentation.  With me in charge of the team this year our ultimate goal is once again back to keeping the sim's resources down to make it easier for relayers to get through and keep the server up while offering an engaging and appealing presentation.  Going to see if we can share the sim with certain teams/artists.

Somewhere during these will be two outpatient procedures...

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

April into May

The Fishiversary was great fun, and most fishing spots included Flat Meissa, which was epic.  The Shikamis made the most of the situation as well as hosted their own contests.  For one of them they rode a boat with an alpha defining the board's sensory limits, resulting in a mad game of tag via sea and air. Aley's builds were out in force, both as fishing spots (including part of mine) and vessels.

Fish tag contest at the Fishiversary
Working on my art for shirts. I still haven't decided on Fashion For Life but signed up for a parcel for Cartoon World at SFCon7 in addition to a place in a space station for the team to put up vendors.

I'm planning the campsite; as soon as the shirts are ready it's all about SLB and RFL.

Tonight it's "re-learn audition" and edit up some gab Snurky recorded in her office for Thursday's Fantasy Faire gig from 5pm SLT.

In two weeks it's Relay Stock where we have a hippie van where we'll offer clothes and jewelry, plus 2 hrs of me on Sat afternoon (or was it Saturday morning? I have it written somewhere.  Was sure it was 8-10am SLT, which is morning AND afternoon local time). 

Check back in and see!