Tuesday, May 6, 2014

April into May

The Fishiversary was great fun, and most fishing spots included Flat Meissa, which was epic.  The Shikamis made the most of the situation as well as hosted their own contests.  For one of them they rode a boat with an alpha defining the board's sensory limits, resulting in a mad game of tag via sea and air. Aley's builds were out in force, both as fishing spots (including part of mine) and vessels.

Fish tag contest at the Fishiversary
Working on my art for shirts. I still haven't decided on Fashion For Life but signed up for a parcel for Cartoon World at SFCon7 in addition to a place in a space station for the team to put up vendors.

I'm planning the campsite; as soon as the shirts are ready it's all about SLB and RFL.

Tonight it's "re-learn audition" and edit up some gab Snurky recorded in her office for Thursday's Fantasy Faire gig from 5pm SLT.

In two weeks it's Relay Stock where we have a hippie van where we'll offer clothes and jewelry, plus 2 hrs of me on Sat afternoon (or was it Saturday morning? I have it written somewhere.  Was sure it was 8-10am SLT, which is morning AND afternoon local time). 

Check back in and see!

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