Monday, June 27, 2011

The Dirty Pot Calls the Shiny Kettle Black

Anybody else notice how Victor1st Mornington ranted libelously (last I checked he did not correct this aspect of his blog post from earlier in the year) how Whovian Ebak claimed exclusivity in hosting Big Finish audio dramas (which of course Ebak did not), yet did that very thing at their presentation by claiming he and his buddies were the exclusive go-to's for Dr Who fans in Second Life?

The dirty pot calls the shiny kettle black.

I don't feel so sorry for him like I did at first, but I feel sorry for anyone associating with him who unwittingly supports his agenda.  Because good people wouldn't knowingly feed a lie at the cost of others.  That's why there's a backfire that's building up.  The bigger they are the harder they fall.

I know people who use New London's TARDIS system and are very happy with it and with the level of support offered.  They're good people over there and understand retention.  If it weren't for their honesty I wouldn't be using a Hands of Omega, which suits my needs. There's enough difference in their function to accommodate different people and not pose any more of a problem than would Novatech to either of them, ditto the other systems out there.  And yes, I see Sen Pixie as a probable "unwitting supporter," because spreading lies about competition is a very bad business practice. 

It's a precedent set by FoxNews and the like, who rely on masses of people taking sides without doing their checking.  Just trickle down behavior. Remember that Rupert Murdoch owns FoxNews.  Nuff said there. 

A recent accusation of a resident's stealing builds from Katrina's Dalekanium products (the term "copybot" was used) may be a lot of fluff.  The accused in question is still in Second Life.  If this were a legitimate claim and pursued via the proper channels their objects would be off the grid as would they.  But nothing's changed.  It's probably bullshit propaganda made to look like an exposé.  I haven't yet seen anything outside Victor1st's claims which bear any credibility. (there are details of this incident in comments)

Meanwhile the folks in New London work hard maintaining their place to keep the Who fans who come there happy with events, contests, freebies.  They support civilians like Ebak to hold more events.  In spite of Victor's efforts people find New London anyway and see that there's a true community, thanks to a highly identifiable sim name: TARDIS.  Possibly the best publicity they have going for them given the tide of antipathy - and why in the end they won't be losing to liars. Kudos to them for taking the high road and just doing what they do best.

And we know from Victor1st's blog that he follows a pattern of "guilt by association" by associating Ebak with the managers of New London.  He also told me "Have fun in New London" when he found out about my original blog post.  Well yes, I often do. But not always. Can't please everyone all of the time you know.  I'm a Dr Who afficionado who finds entertainment there more often than not, but if there's something not to my liking I don't stick around for it. I just give credit where due.

As for Victor1st? I think by now we both know how we feel about eachother: Mutually insignificant.  Also not everyone is enchanted by someone just because they have an accent. That might work with the females in Katrina and New Babbage, but it won't work on a Hologram from the 24th century ;)  As for agendas and allegiances, there's an influx of sim funding involved:

"Almira Gulch, just because you own half the county doesn't mean you have the power to run the rest of us"


And about New Babbage: I don't rent from him in Clockhaven and that suits me just fine.  New Babbage is a big place and I've been meeting some really marvelous souls there. Very little of what I now do crosses what he does.  That's sort of like Second Life itself in a way...


It's only my fourth but I'll have to agree with other bloggers that it's the best one in some time.  Lots of great exhibits wherever you turn, even though some left out the magic and SL part from their content and only worked on recruitment recruitment sales pitch sales pitch...  The point was to bring the places there and let them on their own think: "I gotta go to this place!"  yes, I'm marketing savvy, only not with my stuff.

Bay City Alliance enjoyed several rooftop parties which drew a crowd each time.  Well who doesn't like Oldies?

You can get a mini magician snail avatar at the Giant Snail Races exhibit, and ride cuts of fruit inside a giant jello nearby, courtesy of Pygar Bu.

Them Goonies from Escapades have a great one, where you read from a giant storybook then step into the picture to check out all sorts of displays and games.  The monster in the wardrobe - velly nize!  They also know how to party btw.

On Saturday afternoon I rode back to my parcel from Bay City in a Slitheen cruiser.  I had no idea someone had put up a replica of Big Ben. I buzzed the clockface with my wing. Wish someone witnessed this and snapped a pic.

Letdowns? An unlikely source:

Burn2 folks used voice in a lagged Auditorium - and expected you to as well to hear them.  What was that about? If you can't use the audio or media streams then type.  You're taking slack.  Not everybody has the supercomputers you have. Your own people were crashing during the presentation.  Compatibility should be taken into account so that Radical Inclusion may occur and Participation is possible for the community.  The ultimate application of Communal Effort.  Voice snobs...another pet peeve along with V2-only technology, Scourgemobiles, clacking heels, superglow, and gesture diarrhea. (PS: Please look in comments for a response)

The Dr Who pitch?  Some friends couldn't get to my party for a several minutes because these people hogged agent allowance (although they themselves were across the border in another region).  Friends got in eventually though and we all had a good time.

The place didn't actually close. SL8B is still going on this week, only no events are being held in the SL venues.  Take advantage of the lower lag and check everything out.  Me I gotta track down some silly cake and cupcake hats.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

SL8B will be Party Town this week!

Ah summer... If it stayed this temperature throughout July it'd be fine.

Fortunately it's always comfortable temperatures in Second Life.  Even the TARDIS reports conditions outside.  I suppose I should check what it is at SL8B next time I land there. (click this pic for the full size)

Btw extreme lag has a very interesting effect on an arriving TARDIS.  They have trouble - well, mine has trouble - getting into phase.  I thought about the low-prim sculpted type, but sculpts take longer and more resources to rez.  Might as well stick to a mess of cubes.  Yesterday I watched how it struggled to materialize, fading in and out like it did in that Sarah Jane wedding episode.  Eventually it chose to stay solid and let me in.  I may have to remove the service during my event.  Ironic I know, but those sims will have their Doctor Who talk right  next to my parcel during my dance party.

You get used to coincidences of this magnitude when you're me.

This also means GET TO THE PARTY EARLY so they don't fill the sim and block access.  Remember the Auditorium has the use of another sim and we don't.  I may speak with GoSpeed about starting at 5pm instead.

The exhibit has a permanent instsllation of the bunnyhop and an ethnic circle dance, as well as a trio of silly cartoon sneak walks.  There's also a solo danceball on the first level too.  We're Party Ready!

Tonight at 4SLT is the Bay City Alliance meeting.  I may have an event poster to show then for Thursday's gig:  the Bay City Rock-n-Rumble!

Monday, June 20, 2011

SL8B Week & More Petty Hoonsense

I'm Baaack

I was a little busy.

There's this thing happening.  It's starting today and going through the weekend. Circumstances last night didn't permit me to tour all of it lag free, so I'll have to see it with the rest of you in molasses.

Other than some danceball animations, nightlights and a transporter, my SL8B exhibit Transfigurations is script-free.  It's also sculpt-free with no physical.  There's a TARDIS landing spot (I may put some markings on the ground for that) for any Hands of Omega system police box to arrive on site once I make it public tonight.

Transfigurations speaks for itself really: the transformation we make to become ourselves. What's interesting is someone directly north of me had the same concept in mind and executed it entirely differently.

The Giant Snail Races have a parcel. It was entirely built by Tindallia Soothsayer, so if you like what you see there please give her a "kudos" for the hard work.

I'll be DJing for Bay City Alliance's party Thursday night. GoSpeed Racer will be DJing for me at Transfigurations on Friday night. Dancing and Danceballs are part of my exhibit.

Lots of interesting stuff, but one I caught was literally a re-rezzing of something I saw at Burning Life 2008: a giant model of the Mousetrap Game.  I'd like to think he hastily filled in for a no-show.

Alas there is a dark pallor over the show with regard to Doctor Who fandom.  There's a panel called "Creating a Community: Fandom in Second Life – meet the Timelords" set for Friday evening. The irony is that no one from TARDIS sim was invited to be a part of the panel.  Sure the participants have builds and stuff, places to land your TARDIS for series adventuring (my favorite among them being Paradox Island [Lewisonia sim]).  And they ALL have a mall of one sort or another. But as far as socializing, celebrating and finding kindred spirits for fans of different ages and eras, only New London meets the criteria for a "community."

I understood Podshock was involved, possibly organizing this.  If they're listening to someone who's been caught in a lie and would rather let it grow than take responsibility for libelous actions committed, then it's a shame. 

And you know, I want to like Victor, but whatever he experienced grew way out of proportion to include innocent people and a host of fabricated accusations.  He yammered by IM about my post (well one of us make them with the knowledge that they may be seen by anybody), but what he said wasn't all that clear.  I think he was trying to tell me something changed about his initial blog post, but I still saw the same untruths in it.  He ended with "have fun in TARDIS" which of course was nice of him since they throw awesome parties on the weekend.  

But seriously: to omit New London might satisfy him and his elitist friends, but it's unfair to Doctor Who fans and sets up a lot of unsuspecting acquaintances.  That can very well blow up in his face some day.  As I've said before, fandom is a small world and there's no room for grudges, particularly misdirected ones.  This is shameful in the face of Who fandom.  The Doctor would not have approved.  Also I like Victor's parties. There must be some good in him that a song from the Who's in Whoville couldn't unlock.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Slipstream into the Weekend w/Space Junk

Let the artwork commence...

Snurky is getting assistance from an interesting source for her snail this week.  Look for her at the track this Sunday with a special sponsor ;)

I'm tallying topics for my SL8B project.  See, I list topics, then I draw these topics.  Specifically sketch the first in detail, draw sequentially for the middle, then perhaps - well idunno for the ends, but I'll find out.  It all depends on the list of course...

Tonight is my next dance party at Cartoon World to raise money for Relay For Life.  Stop on by, even if you can't donate.  Having fun is important too. ArtSpace level from 6pm SLT.

I've switched control rooms to allow for more prims.  Time to go in for the kill on several projects.  I really love the versatility of this new TARDIS system.

On a similar note, it's very awkward when someone refers to me as a Timelord.  I'm not, you know.  Not even a wannabe.  There is only one The Doctor who fits that description, and I'm the other The Doctor.  There's no illusion as to what my default visage is.  Well okay.  This is all about illusion.  But I've no illusions about it.

On an obscurely related note, I've found something revolting in New Babbage.  I got this line and it's been stomped over in a way one wouldn't expect.  A group of women avatars have an overt sexual fixation over a resident there whose avatar is a farm animal from the waist down.  That falls into bestiality in my book.  So while most people are being extremely polite and addressing eachother in a quaint manner, these types carry on in the middle of it in a way one wouldn't in mixed company under any circumstances, much less if the subject was biologically compatible.  I behave myself and just leave group chat once it's deteriorated to an inappropriate level - and it almost always does when they're on.  At social events it's pretty much unavoidable, and leaving abruptly would make too much of a statement.  It's tough enough trying to feel at home as a newb in a community as it is that I have this fairly gross verbal display in my face...

On a lighter note, I met some people there last night who were very nice. Seems I'm better on a one-two person basis rather than the group or group chat.  There were "several green dots about on the map" which isn't often the case when I come on.

Update: In fairness, it seems one of the women is now the same species. Still, the concept of "get a room" must escape their culture.

Monday, June 6, 2011

New Wave & Art Wave

I now have a better idea as to what shape my SL8B exhibit will take - literally. But first, the art.  I've put in for next Monday and Tuesday so I've got four days, but I want to have the textures done by then and spend most of that time scanning, prepping, and placing.

I also have a name for it, but I can't tell you yet.  I have a party set and need to look into where I can add it to an events listing.  There's always the possibility that I can't of course...

On a similar note, Burn2 started accepting art camp proposals & lottery ticket purchases for October's festival.  For those with money - among which I wished I could be - parcels are for sale in the Marketplace.  Keep in mind that Burn is no longer a Linden event; all monies from Marketplace, Lottery, and donations go toward purchase and maintenance of Burn sims during the festival.  

Burn2 also asks for sim donations this year.  They'd pay for relocation & renaming to and from the Playa.

At any rate this gives people a chance to work physically on their spaces throughout the summer.  Ideally one should develop and build on the playa and not just plop down pre-existing or sandbox builds.  This would give creators the chance to do more like what is done at Burning Man.  Then again, what about people?  Will they see it this way?

This Friday I'm hosting another DJ Dance Party in Bay City to raise money for Relay for Life.  Tip the kiosk if you're having a good time.  Music this time will be MTV-era pop, aka New Wave For Life pt 2.  Snurky is going to promote it in RFL's group chat this time.  That is, if group chat actually works.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Message to Rod Linden re The Scourgemobile Queen's New Racket

So we can now add squatting on Linden Land to AnnMarie's offenses according to a post brought to my attention.

@Rodvik & Company: this is what happens when you condone bad behavior.  You reinforce that behavior and the child - or in this case a mentally unstable individual - believes what they're doing is okay.

And by that I mean it's clear to her (can't speak for the person but the persona is female, so we'll respect) that she's violating the TOS on counts we've already brought up, only she feels she's above those rules and allowed to treat ALL of mainland as her personal sim.  This is a grievance on behalf of all residents and the squabble SHOULD be between Governor Linden and her since she's abusing your property for self-interest, personal gain, and the express discomfort of everbody else you've invited to use it.

Yeah yeah she's ready to spout poorly datamined statistics of people who were curious of these drunkenly lumbering vehicles, people who accidentally clicked them, and people who selected them to get info to complain and claim they all appreciate what she's doing.

Whatever your developers think they're benefiting from by her antics, it's bad for business.  Your developers & QA team are accessories to her actions and are part of the problem.  If they can't use your exclusive mini-continents to stress test performance instead of this vicarious method of research, then they must cease and desist at once.  We're paying members - customers - and we are extremely dissatisfied with how we are regarded so much lower than a known nuisance.

The Petition already includes parcel encroachment.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Busy Busy...

Now back home (but insufficiently settled), I resumed drawing.  It's a healthy thing, like breathing.

There are many things on the plate that I need to get through; no spinning it to make them fly off into oblivion.

For one I've paid rent on that small shop in New Babbage for the past 3 months.  The space gave me the inspiration for a series of "prints".  Yes I know: I'm working backwards and instead should find a place for existing work.  Well, that's where artistic license comes in; real artists seldom act in conventional sequence.  That was also when RL stepped in of course, hindering any chance of quality time to create the prints and set them up in an appropriately designed vendor.

Then a portrait of one of my friends which I've owed for about 11 months by now.  I haven't forgotten that.

Giant Snail Races tee shirts for Relay For Life donations.  Had hoped to make a new one every week or two, but that hasn't panned out.  There are two available currently at Cartoon World, with hopefully a new one available this weekend. Remember all the money in those vendors goes to The American Cancer Society.

SL8B.  I knew the theme about 2 months ago.  No time to work on it.  I have about a dozen ways I can present what I want to present, which may just get narrowed down based on my abilities.  I know what I'd LIKE to do...

Scourgemobiles:   They were taken offline for a week or two and it was grand.  Apparently this was temporary while the vehicles were reprogrammed.  I found out one day by messaging someone while standing on Route 3. Some car came up behind me and stopped, then did its usual lumbering thing in an effort to ride around me and still remain on the road.  Selecting it revealed the source sim where it was rezzed is no longer displayed.  The vehicle had 16 scripts and a landmark.  Still adfarming and still solid.  They're still a problem when you're trying to ride the road. And the things still jump the roads into water and rail routes. AnnMarie just doesn't get it, does she?

By the way, Friday June 3rd is a meeting between LDPW and SLRR afficionados in Tuliptree. A certain someone is likely to be there.

Last but not least, dance parties in Bay City to raise money for Relay for Life.  I hold them every other Friday evening from 6pm SLT.  I usually pick a specific era and run with it. Right now it's New Wave, with the first one from its beginnings.  Next one on June 10th will be from the dawn of early MTV era, with a great variety of sounds and several blasts from the past.  Tipping goes to a Relay for Life Kiosk.

That's all for now :)