Tuesday, June 21, 2011

SL8B will be Party Town this week!

Ah summer... If it stayed this temperature throughout July it'd be fine.

Fortunately it's always comfortable temperatures in Second Life.  Even the TARDIS reports conditions outside.  I suppose I should check what it is at SL8B next time I land there. (click this pic for the full size)

Btw extreme lag has a very interesting effect on an arriving TARDIS.  They have trouble - well, mine has trouble - getting into phase.  I thought about the low-prim sculpted type, but sculpts take longer and more resources to rez.  Might as well stick to a mess of cubes.  Yesterday I watched how it struggled to materialize, fading in and out like it did in that Sarah Jane wedding episode.  Eventually it chose to stay solid and let me in.  I may have to remove the service during my event.  Ironic I know, but those sims will have their Doctor Who talk right  next to my parcel during my dance party.

You get used to coincidences of this magnitude when you're me.

This also means GET TO THE PARTY EARLY so they don't fill the sim and block access.  Remember the Auditorium has the use of another sim and we don't.  I may speak with GoSpeed about starting at 5pm instead.

The exhibit has a permanent instsllation of the bunnyhop and an ethnic circle dance, as well as a trio of silly cartoon sneak walks.  There's also a solo danceball on the first level too.  We're Party Ready!

Tonight at 4SLT is the Bay City Alliance meeting.  I may have an event poster to show then for Thursday's gig:  the Bay City Rock-n-Rumble!

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