Friday, June 10, 2011

Slipstream into the Weekend w/Space Junk

Let the artwork commence...

Snurky is getting assistance from an interesting source for her snail this week.  Look for her at the track this Sunday with a special sponsor ;)

I'm tallying topics for my SL8B project.  See, I list topics, then I draw these topics.  Specifically sketch the first in detail, draw sequentially for the middle, then perhaps - well idunno for the ends, but I'll find out.  It all depends on the list of course...

Tonight is my next dance party at Cartoon World to raise money for Relay For Life.  Stop on by, even if you can't donate.  Having fun is important too. ArtSpace level from 6pm SLT.

I've switched control rooms to allow for more prims.  Time to go in for the kill on several projects.  I really love the versatility of this new TARDIS system.

On a similar note, it's very awkward when someone refers to me as a Timelord.  I'm not, you know.  Not even a wannabe.  There is only one The Doctor who fits that description, and I'm the other The Doctor.  There's no illusion as to what my default visage is.  Well okay.  This is all about illusion.  But I've no illusions about it.

On an obscurely related note, I've found something revolting in New Babbage.  I got this line and it's been stomped over in a way one wouldn't expect.  A group of women avatars have an overt sexual fixation over a resident there whose avatar is a farm animal from the waist down.  That falls into bestiality in my book.  So while most people are being extremely polite and addressing eachother in a quaint manner, these types carry on in the middle of it in a way one wouldn't in mixed company under any circumstances, much less if the subject was biologically compatible.  I behave myself and just leave group chat once it's deteriorated to an inappropriate level - and it almost always does when they're on.  At social events it's pretty much unavoidable, and leaving abruptly would make too much of a statement.  It's tough enough trying to feel at home as a newb in a community as it is that I have this fairly gross verbal display in my face...

On a lighter note, I met some people there last night who were very nice. Seems I'm better on a one-two person basis rather than the group or group chat.  There were "several green dots about on the map" which isn't often the case when I come on.

Update: In fairness, it seems one of the women is now the same species. Still, the concept of "get a room" must escape their culture.

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