Monday, June 6, 2011

New Wave & Art Wave

I now have a better idea as to what shape my SL8B exhibit will take - literally. But first, the art.  I've put in for next Monday and Tuesday so I've got four days, but I want to have the textures done by then and spend most of that time scanning, prepping, and placing.

I also have a name for it, but I can't tell you yet.  I have a party set and need to look into where I can add it to an events listing.  There's always the possibility that I can't of course...

On a similar note, Burn2 started accepting art camp proposals & lottery ticket purchases for October's festival.  For those with money - among which I wished I could be - parcels are for sale in the Marketplace.  Keep in mind that Burn is no longer a Linden event; all monies from Marketplace, Lottery, and donations go toward purchase and maintenance of Burn sims during the festival.  

Burn2 also asks for sim donations this year.  They'd pay for relocation & renaming to and from the Playa.

At any rate this gives people a chance to work physically on their spaces throughout the summer.  Ideally one should develop and build on the playa and not just plop down pre-existing or sandbox builds.  This would give creators the chance to do more like what is done at Burning Man.  Then again, what about people?  Will they see it this way?

This Friday I'm hosting another DJ Dance Party in Bay City to raise money for Relay for Life.  Tip the kiosk if you're having a good time.  Music this time will be MTV-era pop, aka New Wave For Life pt 2.  Snurky is going to promote it in RFL's group chat this time.  That is, if group chat actually works.

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