Friday, June 3, 2011

Message to Rod Linden re The Scourgemobile Queen's New Racket

So we can now add squatting on Linden Land to AnnMarie's offenses according to a post brought to my attention.

@Rodvik & Company: this is what happens when you condone bad behavior.  You reinforce that behavior and the child - or in this case a mentally unstable individual - believes what they're doing is okay.

And by that I mean it's clear to her (can't speak for the person but the persona is female, so we'll respect) that she's violating the TOS on counts we've already brought up, only she feels she's above those rules and allowed to treat ALL of mainland as her personal sim.  This is a grievance on behalf of all residents and the squabble SHOULD be between Governor Linden and her since she's abusing your property for self-interest, personal gain, and the express discomfort of everbody else you've invited to use it.

Yeah yeah she's ready to spout poorly datamined statistics of people who were curious of these drunkenly lumbering vehicles, people who accidentally clicked them, and people who selected them to get info to complain and claim they all appreciate what she's doing.

Whatever your developers think they're benefiting from by her antics, it's bad for business.  Your developers & QA team are accessories to her actions and are part of the problem.  If they can't use your exclusive mini-continents to stress test performance instead of this vicarious method of research, then they must cease and desist at once.  We're paying members - customers - and we are extremely dissatisfied with how we are regarded so much lower than a known nuisance.

The Petition already includes parcel encroachment.

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