Monday, June 27, 2011


It's only my fourth but I'll have to agree with other bloggers that it's the best one in some time.  Lots of great exhibits wherever you turn, even though some left out the magic and SL part from their content and only worked on recruitment recruitment sales pitch sales pitch...  The point was to bring the places there and let them on their own think: "I gotta go to this place!"  yes, I'm marketing savvy, only not with my stuff.

Bay City Alliance enjoyed several rooftop parties which drew a crowd each time.  Well who doesn't like Oldies?

You can get a mini magician snail avatar at the Giant Snail Races exhibit, and ride cuts of fruit inside a giant jello nearby, courtesy of Pygar Bu.

Them Goonies from Escapades have a great one, where you read from a giant storybook then step into the picture to check out all sorts of displays and games.  The monster in the wardrobe - velly nize!  They also know how to party btw.

On Saturday afternoon I rode back to my parcel from Bay City in a Slitheen cruiser.  I had no idea someone had put up a replica of Big Ben. I buzzed the clockface with my wing. Wish someone witnessed this and snapped a pic.

Letdowns? An unlikely source:

Burn2 folks used voice in a lagged Auditorium - and expected you to as well to hear them.  What was that about? If you can't use the audio or media streams then type.  You're taking slack.  Not everybody has the supercomputers you have. Your own people were crashing during the presentation.  Compatibility should be taken into account so that Radical Inclusion may occur and Participation is possible for the community.  The ultimate application of Communal Effort.  Voice snobs...another pet peeve along with V2-only technology, Scourgemobiles, clacking heels, superglow, and gesture diarrhea. (PS: Please look in comments for a response)

The Dr Who pitch?  Some friends couldn't get to my party for a several minutes because these people hogged agent allowance (although they themselves were across the border in another region).  Friends got in eventually though and we all had a good time.

The place didn't actually close. SL8B is still going on this week, only no events are being held in the SL venues.  Take advantage of the lower lag and check everything out.  Me I gotta track down some silly cake and cupcake hats.


  1. I'm just surfacing from the first week of SL8B - so I hadn't had a chance to catch up with your blog post til now. The lack of text transcription at the Burn2 presentation was due to my inability both to arrive on time from another commitment and to hear the voice once I did get there.
    The presentation was repeated on Saturday afternoon with both voice and text transcription.
    So please put the voice only crime down to my battle with the pixel gods and not to any lack of intention on Burn2's part.
    And yes, we should have had a backup plan and I'll make sure next time that one exists.

  2. You rock :) I thought actually that Emcee Widget was fronting that event, but there was little info really... Making a slight edit to my post to direct people to your comment. PS didnt know you read my blog. There's this unknown shadow population out there...