Monday, June 20, 2011

SL8B Week & More Petty Hoonsense

I'm Baaack

I was a little busy.

There's this thing happening.  It's starting today and going through the weekend. Circumstances last night didn't permit me to tour all of it lag free, so I'll have to see it with the rest of you in molasses.

Other than some danceball animations, nightlights and a transporter, my SL8B exhibit Transfigurations is script-free.  It's also sculpt-free with no physical.  There's a TARDIS landing spot (I may put some markings on the ground for that) for any Hands of Omega system police box to arrive on site once I make it public tonight.

Transfigurations speaks for itself really: the transformation we make to become ourselves. What's interesting is someone directly north of me had the same concept in mind and executed it entirely differently.

The Giant Snail Races have a parcel. It was entirely built by Tindallia Soothsayer, so if you like what you see there please give her a "kudos" for the hard work.

I'll be DJing for Bay City Alliance's party Thursday night. GoSpeed Racer will be DJing for me at Transfigurations on Friday night. Dancing and Danceballs are part of my exhibit.

Lots of interesting stuff, but one I caught was literally a re-rezzing of something I saw at Burning Life 2008: a giant model of the Mousetrap Game.  I'd like to think he hastily filled in for a no-show.

Alas there is a dark pallor over the show with regard to Doctor Who fandom.  There's a panel called "Creating a Community: Fandom in Second Life – meet the Timelords" set for Friday evening. The irony is that no one from TARDIS sim was invited to be a part of the panel.  Sure the participants have builds and stuff, places to land your TARDIS for series adventuring (my favorite among them being Paradox Island [Lewisonia sim]).  And they ALL have a mall of one sort or another. But as far as socializing, celebrating and finding kindred spirits for fans of different ages and eras, only New London meets the criteria for a "community."

I understood Podshock was involved, possibly organizing this.  If they're listening to someone who's been caught in a lie and would rather let it grow than take responsibility for libelous actions committed, then it's a shame. 

And you know, I want to like Victor, but whatever he experienced grew way out of proportion to include innocent people and a host of fabricated accusations.  He yammered by IM about my post (well one of us make them with the knowledge that they may be seen by anybody), but what he said wasn't all that clear.  I think he was trying to tell me something changed about his initial blog post, but I still saw the same untruths in it.  He ended with "have fun in TARDIS" which of course was nice of him since they throw awesome parties on the weekend.  

But seriously: to omit New London might satisfy him and his elitist friends, but it's unfair to Doctor Who fans and sets up a lot of unsuspecting acquaintances.  That can very well blow up in his face some day.  As I've said before, fandom is a small world and there's no room for grudges, particularly misdirected ones.  This is shameful in the face of Who fandom.  The Doctor would not have approved.  Also I like Victor's parties. There must be some good in him that a song from the Who's in Whoville couldn't unlock.

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