Friday, May 30, 2014

June is Wacko Schedule Month

I don't know what it is about June and October in Second Life that there are way too many major events jammed into one month than is possible to attend much less participate in or coordinate.

Here is June's breakdown for me thus far:
- DJing for a fundraiser for team Brooklyn during an art auction.
- SLSFCon7 - finally recognized as a Relay For Life mega event.  DJing, shop, and booth for team. Also 7Seas fishing contests on site Mon & Fri
- Fashion For Life - applying for a shop this week.
- Nova Swing night.
- Castles Contest week hosted by team Strange Journeys.  DJing.  I believe they'll have places for team shops.
- SL11B - DJing and exhibit. Started work on it.
- Simwide weekend Hearts & Souls is working out with team Harmony of Hope.  More about that when it's time, and by the right people.  As performance coordinator I'm looking to bring in many people known around the grid who are not common faces at Relay For Life mutli-team gatherings. Also DJing that Saturday Morning.
- Begin building the Relay Weekend campsite.
Busy enough?
Still plan to attend A Piece of the Action at the Seraph Club and Breakfast in Babbage this month as well.

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