Tuesday, June 3, 2014

We Are all Powers of Ten T-E-N

When I was in Jr High
On Auditorium Day...
A Wednesday...
We saw a film.

It began with a family picnic, then zoomed out exponentially
Until we were in space
Far, far away from Earth
From even our solar system or galaxy.

Then the view came crashing back

and into one of the picnickers
Zoomed in, again exponentially
The film left us at the subatomic level.

It was a very disconcerting end.

I bring this up
because this film has served as a unit of measure for me

The Big Bang is like this film, and with it all existence.

Society works the same way.

Regard if you will why De-evolution makes sense...
From the big bang
to a cohesive galaxy
to a system
to a planet to forming an atmosphere after having broken free from the sun
to settle into an orbit
to cool down
to form life
to freeeeeeezeannnndtoooooo
yesIknowitwasfromamassivemeteorhit but indulge me
and then a thaw
reconstituting materials for life
forming civilizations,
developing, progressing, annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd
we've hit our peak havent we?
We're falling backwards.
Our civilizations are falling away faster than we can progress,
the climate is crumbling
we're moving minutely towards the sun
(not the biggest reason for climate change, I learned about direct rays in school too)
The direction our planet takes seems to have an effect on us.
Like Power of Ten.
We are de-evolving.
We passed the tipping point.
We are DEVO

Where will humanity
or what humanity finally becomes
finds itself in the end?

Will it be lost in a sea of viscous, chaotic material?
Will we lose our cohesion?
Only the next Big Bang would tell
But that's another film entirely.

- Holocluck Henly
The Pen, Tue June 2nd 2014

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