Friday, June 6, 2014

June Madness Continues

Well, scratch Fashion For Life this year. I was ready to sign up but there's been no time to prep for it.  Next year.

I have some more talents in mind for the Sizzlin' Halloween Weekend stream schedule, and notecards for them go out tonight. Whatever slots are left the members of Harmony of Hope team can fill them in.   Notecards are going out tonight since I'm not getting answers via IM.  The promo poster looks good; anything with the right mood and can be read from a distance is good.  Someone on their team wants to do PR. Fine with me given everything I have to do this month :)

 Anyway I've been working on my SL11B build during breaks at work.  As often is the case, the bulk of it involves texturing. Lots of Sharpie this year.

It's now time to reserve the RFL campsite space. I know whom I'd like to be near and whom I wouldn't want to be in the same parsec with (the latter of course would be unavoidable).  I checked with one of my fave designers and she will in fact be doing something for the track again. Hooray!

We had a dumbass griefer at fishing Wed night.  Bottom line: you're a guest on someone's property.  Fishing is not a public event and nobody owes you a thing.  I do it to give back to the best community in Second Life.  I use my own money to do it, which gives me discretion over who is welcome to it. Anyone who causes trouble or sits beyond banlines is stealing IMHO.  Fishing in its heyday wasn't about the prize pot, even when some like Razzap had one out. It was about the special catches and trophies, the people, and fun. 
Neville wearing a Neville-inspired Go Relay! shirt

Anyway I asked in IM if they could cool it with the gun humor (said "I'm going to shoot you" to someone ahead of them in the game, someone I had just said we were happy to see her back and with us [following her ordeal with chemo]). Holy crap talk about clueless.  They went on and on amd riled themselves up with very little coaxing.  A day later I hear he's muted by many people and has had alts on banlists.  Every eject is a difficult move, but I don't feel so bad about this one now. 

What made it poignant was that no sooner had I ousted him from the property with a flurry of idiotic rhetoric coming back in via IM than the scene shook and we had a sim restart countdown.  The contest ended well before then but with 37ish to go it went back up to the 200s in the countdown. That's when I went to the stability of Livingtree sim to make an AR. I have a screenshot of the Hydrangea scene but there's no means to submit it.  If it weren't for the "reset countdown" I would have assumed this was part of the rolling restarts.  Anyway if it's a viewer or sim bug then LL can toss it and we'll rest easy that he is a harmless little sociopath.

Which brings me to pursue what I can do to disable this shaking nonsense.  Whomever came up with that was on drugs.

Tonight the final SciFi Convention fishing contest. While I can't really stop freakeh from fishing there, I can give the con security team a heads up in case he tries anything.


  1. Restarts now have the countdown screen (and the sound and shake)

  2. Yes and it was in fact the dreaded SL Viewer. Any idea how I can disable the shake? It really REALLY needs to be disabled. ty o SLV guru