Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Open Letter to a Belligerent Snipe Teleporter

I have a message for your kind when you find this post.

You think you're so great, that you're above common courtesy because "this is SL," but you're not and you're not.  You're just another spoiled brat who grew up in the Internet Age and we're all NPC's to you: a bunch of text on the screen.  We're fodder, a body count for your whim. Press a button and see what proportion of them come running. The rest? Eh! Who cares, right? God knows why you even bother pursuing Relay For Life.  You certainly have no regard for anyone else's life but your own.  Running around Playing Charity will not redeem you.

Oh was it someone you knew offline?

We're different? We don't count because we're text?

Well guess what? Each line of text denoting an avatar has a story, a history, a life you're incapable of acknowledging.  They could be sick, poor, in debt, healthy, busy, rich and privileged - like yourself, or maybe so pathetic they just sit inworld wondering: "gee, I wonder who will teleport me to something cool this hour?" 

I'll say it again: when you pay for my Second Life. you can pluck me from whatever I'm doing to whatever you're doing. But you won't get the chance.  You should have thought about the consequences of your actions when you thought I had the audacity to object to your rude behavior.  You REALLY should have done since your only association is a cooperative project among two groups and your behavior impacts on your group's reputation.

Taking responsbility for one's actions. It isn't just for the other guy you know.

You think you're so hot, but you're nothing more than a toxic cloud now. Yes, no more a person to me than I was to you. You may garner favoritism and sympathy from friends because I'm male and you're female, and they may choose to believe your embellished account (as you conceal your actual role in this incident, your rude, unremorseful superiority and penchant for burning bridges) because you're their friend and you have such a cutesy way of typing your name out with extended characters.  I'm sure you figured I had more to lose if I said anything so you took the initiative to do whatever you wanted. You were mistaken.

Anyway you had your chance to pardon yourself on the spot for your rudeness and you blew it.

Now here comes a breeze.

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