Thursday, August 6, 2009

Things Easing Up in Anilis - or Are They???

After Colonel Hathi reparcelled the land and set it to market prices - and kept it for sale long enough - land flippers and neighbors new and old took it over. One of the TMA folks who built a lovely synagogue up the hill expanded to bring a small stream up to Nessus. All is well.

Or so it seems.

It appears that the disease called Sion has reached Zion.

Hey, what TMA folks do for hobbies is their business. Until they lag the sim. Then it becomes MY business. The TMAer and a resident on the other side of the tracks each have a chicken farm. Anilis is lagging. It takes longer than usual to rez the immediate landscape & textures. In fact, now if I turn around and then back, the landscape and textures reload. I shouldn't have to experience this with my computer and connection. After all, I pay for tier too. They're hogging the region's resources unfairly and compromising my valuable and desperate downtime (RL is hell right now, a private hell you couldn't imagine), the downtime of others, and my hard earned investment in a place intended to be less stressful than real life.

I hope they listen to reason. Otherwise they won't be much better than Writer as neighbors.

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