Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Halloween Plans & Other Stories

Catching up in SL has meant taking on a few other projects. I haven't been relied upon to coordinate regional events since Cybertown & Oddyssey. When I was asked to coordinate a "Tricities" parade & party plus BC's local event, I didn't complain. I love that stuff, and had yet the opportunity to pursue something in SL.

It's nice that for the most part the "team" consist of enthusiastic event organizers in their own right; it's given a little something for several people to do & truly make it collaborative.

By "Tricities" we mean the suburbs, Nova Albion, and Bay City.  Here Blondin Linden discretely walks towards a Docklands intersection to place a promo kiosk for the parade:

In other news I've put the Plano land up for sale. Not enough prims for what I want to do. Saw a lot of nice abandoned places all over Heterocera I can think about when I'm ready. I'll resume work on the diner regardless once this month's stuff is done.

Sukkahs everywhere in Nessus for the annual Sukkah contest. Over 40 this year?

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