Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Nova Albion's Turn for the Spotlight

Nova Albion's 6th anniversary is less than a week off.  Second Life's first self-themed mainland community, with its paved roads and canals, is intended to be the picture of neo-urban affluence.

Residents have used their double-prim quotas to form a distinct skyline.  Even before adfarms were outlawed, very little of Miramare and Grignano had them.

Many of NA's faithful settled when it was new many years ago.  They have a unique relationship with the Lindens.  Left over from a time when all infohubs were built and maintained by residents, the NA City Slickers continue to have access rights to their infohub.

Real estate prices in Nova Aibion make Bay City look like a slum.  Be prepared to shell out a thousand US dollars or more for a decent sized parcel.  I'd love even a little strip of roadside there; just like Bay City & Shermerville, Nova Albion properties cannot be split or joined.

We'll join in force this Saturday at 2pm SLT for a parade.  The route is as follows. Click for a more detailed pic:


  1. Shermerville can be joined and divided - it just doesn't happen much!

    I *believe* the route wil begin and end at Pituca's parcel, but I don't happen to have a map on me. :-/

  2. Saw several choices for vote but don't know which won.