Thursday, April 15, 2010

First Week of Hydrangea is a Busy Week

The debut of The Starship Diner was a success.  I like it where it is, and I like having the back fence for vendors and the freebies dumpster.  I filed a ticket with the LDPW to make a viable connection with the road from my asphalt parking lot, and Michael did the deed within two days.

Now I need to find a good spot for a community board.  Then of course there's a spot lower down on the slope for my home home.

But first, there are the snails.

I didn't even know about them until RacerX Gullwing ventured nearby during the party.  Seems like the American Cancer Society's Race for Life will be passing the northern edge of my property as part of the route.  I'm compelled to put together a small viewing area with refreshments.  I msged the RFL rep for a donation kiosk to put there and they sent me several to choose from.  I've changed the diner's display sign to promote it and tomorrow evening will set up a spot on the hill with chairs and a water cooler. 

Before that - and a reason I took off work today - is the 7Seas Fishiversary.  I made four new customs, two silly looking articles of clothing, and fine tuned my spot there, called the Retro Metro.


  1. Wow! You've been a busy bee, fella! Or shoulf that be a hectic hen? Or chocka chook?

  2. I like hectic hen :) The snails passing was very surreal btw. Some shots on Flickr, more to prep from it.