Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Time to Feesh

I have to say it's been a long time since I enjoyed fishing.  7Seas' 2nd Annual Fishiversary.  Looks as though they learned from last year and prepared 2 regions for mini-spots plus a central region for their own setup connecting together like a giant L in southern Sansara Continent.

I built a blast from the past googie style pier with a sign which makes me think of the NY World's Fair.  It's very conspicuous on the map taken from that time:

Marianne put a mini-Livingtree islet together, which was situated way on the other end of Ruthenium region from me (why does this keep happening? I don't know, but yes, I was by the eastern edge and she was by the western edge), with lots of interesting locations in between. 

I have to say that while many were nice or interesting, not all were made with fishing in mind.  Some were just eyecatching promotional constructs.  CC appeared to be whoring out CPG boxes for a price from a boat while a hacked up box sent catches beyond its normal range.

It was easy to ignore these and enjoy fishing as a social event again. Marianne's tuna boat was the hit of the party, with everyone hugging mini-tree's range to catch the salvage.

I made weird things and a pair of shorts - from the deco pattern used for the Bay City Brass Bass - which ended up looking a little over the top, but with the hindsight to set them modifiable.  As usual these things look better with a layer of longjohns.

The party continued informally past the weekend - as long as Linden Lab didn't get to shutting the regions down and returning stuff.  Every evening I've worked toward catching that final salvage: The 144in Tuna.  The folks I've met at fishing contests, friends, even the 7Seas creators, all fishing together and trading stuff like those old days on Flotsam Beach.  I moved the Retro Metro closer to mini-Tree so Mari and Pygar could fill their collections (Meissa Thorne and Jen Shikami "encouraged" me with hints of expulsion).  The map looks more like this now:

The return notice hasn't hit my inbox yet. Looks like we might see another peaceful evening catching feesh. 

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