Monday, March 28, 2011

I'm a Doctor, Not an Architect

So I had it all planned out for that special table.  Victorian style wooden flat files with a raised board for displays.  It was looking great.  I was planning the woodgrain for it.  I had designed ornate black iron handles for the drawers.

Then the light went on.

3 prims per handle, 2 per drawer, 4 drawers, knob for pull-out board, 2 props for back of display board, 2 brass cradles for hinged props, 2 hinges for raised board, 8 pieces of wood... 23 prims not including tins of charcoal & pastels and other vendor elements.

I'm not in Hydrangea.  This is a tiny rental in Clockhaven with a primcount limit.

At this writing, that version of the furniture is sitting incomplete in my backyard in Hydrangea.  It was back to the drawing board...

I'll need to create the drawers on textures.  Ditto the brass cradles.  Draw the knob for the pullout? Maybe keep that one as a prim.  7 prims total for the furniture.  That could work!

Came out to ten. Still need to make the cradlethingie side. I think perhaps I'd like to offer the big one for sale. It's going to be nice. Just cant use it myself...


  1. The holt grail of low prim but good furniture... sigh...

  2. THEMED furniture. Primsavers can't help me here ;)