Friday, March 18, 2011

Giving & Getting

Japan relief stuff...

I think for Japan it's easy: a designer shirt with Anime style art on it.

What could I make for Relay for Life?

I can think about Giant Snail Races shirts, both for Racer to raise funds toward track expenses and for their RFL group.

What about New Babbage?  My art isn't wearable in the steamlands.  Not for anyone in character.  No ties, no T-shirts.  Yeah I can make brass 3D glasses, but would you buy them?  Even for charity?

Hmmm... I hadn't thought of that.  Designer 3D glasses. More things to sketch and plan...

Time to move forward with fishiversary items after the fundraising stuff is over.

Isn't SL8B coming up soon as well? Sheesh.

Tonight if I'm home soon enough, it's both RedNoseDay on the web (I hope) and a party with the TimeLord Club.

I dropped the big "Dr Who" group.  I hadn't felt a friendly vibe with them.  Their group chat is more often than not a cringefest.  You get your share of blatant teens signed up as adults on Timelord Club chat as well as any Dr Who group (technically Dr Who is a kid's show, but technically the group and its primary doings are on mature property), but their contingent are friendly and pleasant for the most part, and always ready to help a sincere stranger.  Ditto the sims.  On Katrina I'm less likely to strike up a conversation with anyone; they're too busy blowing eachother up anyway.  Just buy whatever then jump back out.  Not that they don't play blow-up on TARDIS every now and then, but New London just doesn't seem "blow-upcentric".  Doctor Who isn't about wearing exoapparati and blowing stuff or people up. I was impressed with how folks recently converged on Adipose Square on their own in TARDIS to pay respects to the recently departed Nicholas Courtney. There I sense a community.

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