Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bits of String

A final draft of the petition has been drawn. I watched as AnnMarie oToole/Oleander/Resident hung back with her output then poured it back on, as well as resume discussion on a JIRA as though her thousands of scourgemobiles were her (her usual "I cross that region yea many high numbers each day" wackiness).  It's time we cleaned up Mainland once and for all.

The Scourgetrolleys have indeed held back output. They no longer spam the SLRR rails. At least someone got a clue somewhere.

Today New Babbage is holding its annual pancake race.  I was intrigued by this event after seeing a video by Loki Eliot.  After prowling around the city these past few weeks, it will be fun to mingle and watch.  It's nice that it's at a USA-friendly time. 

Parcels in Bay City Jr are still on the block.  Have real estate goons caught on that exhorbitant landflipping in PG regions means you'll get to keep those for a long time?  Was it worth the tier not letting a true homesteader have it for a decent price?  Sounds like some folks have grevious intentions more than playing a middleman.

Groupness isn't happening as much as I would have liked, and friend conference hasn't worked in some time.  Love to consolidate my announcements to two blasts at some point.

Yes, I am looking to sell my older Bay City parcel.  Are you a potential new citizen to Mainland's best themed community or just looking to add more prim quota to an existing parcel?  If you promise not to superglow or banline it, jam it with laggy scripts or subject everyone to unrestricted parcel noise, contact me.

7Seas Fishiversary may be coming up in April (we can't really anticipate what people have planned after Burn2).  Assuming The Shikamis are moving forward with celebrations, I'll be ready this time.  Currently my build forms a conspicious star north of the diner on the SLURL map.  That may change soon.

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