Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Time's Running Out...

The diner is going bye bye.

There were two possibilities:

1. LDPW would pick up the land and make something epic with it, and

2. I abandon most of it and give myself some time without "Banline Bob" doing the fugly up against my borders.

(Can you believe it? I did business with him and now he has banlines against me around a blank parcel. Any content he has is way out of range of them. What a redneck extortionist)

Funny how the moment you reduce a little, you get bullied via terrain.

The latter is what will occur; before November 1st the Starship Diner is going to get picked up.  Then again anything is possible with abandoned land, so maybe both will occur!

A small parcel may remain for something. Maybe a shop if I get up enough inspiration to design one. It would have to be minimalist given the prim quota.

I'd be interested in a rental on a private estate in the right community.

A second Scourgemobile below joins the other one cited last blog post.
If it were easy I would have picked it up by now.  It's not. That's been my main property for over 5 years.

Thursday night it's going.

Good riddance AnnMarie.

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