Friday, September 30, 2011

A Break Before Completion

I'm sitting beneath a painting by Van Gogh of an outdoor café bathed in yellow light. It's a comfort zone in eastern Jackson Heights.  It's been some time since I've made the time to have someone fix me a casual breakfast.

I had a scare this morning as my feet were swollen when I awoke.  Usually my ankles go down as I sleep and my feet are seldom edemic in the first place.  Things are getting worse as my lymphatic system starts a slow shutdown.  My grandmother and great-grandmother both died drowning in their own fluids, and I'm destined for the same fate.  Mom got lucky and inherited her father's metabolism and will outlive me if she doesn't meet with a serious injury at the nursing home.  She ensured my legacy of allergies intolerances and weak immune system by smoking during her pregnancy.

This place apparently became a Natives some months ago, a chain of Colombian restaurants; there's a larger one closer to where I live which serves as a dinner theatre.

Appropriately enough Nelly Furtado was on the radio when I came in.

With a heel which may either have tendonitis or a mild fracture, I was terrified into taking a walk out to the next community.  The round trip walk will rack me up 3 miles.  It won't do me much good if I don't do it again tomorrow.

I ordered a Colombian style breakfast, except it also will have a chorizo.  Aren't they Mexican?  Maybe not.  Anyway I'll be sparing with that or the additives will compensate for the walking and flare my entire body for 3 days.

They predict heavy rains today but there's no precipitation anywhere near the region on maps.

While most of the graphics are by me for Burn2,  there's an animation of an EMH's thought processes which I'm using from a graphics repository for RP and Trek fan sites.  You see Virginia, back in the days before social networking when everybody made websites, there were these people who offered superior graphical elements for non-commercial webpages in exchange for a link to them.  Linkware they were called.  The Brit LCARS site has linkware, fair use on the Playa with appropriate credit.  I'll have to use my profile and this blog to credit the creator.  I'd never take credit for something I didn't create.  Ever.

Breakfast is big.  Eating the carne asada and rice n beans mixed with egg; the arepa con queso and chorizo are coming home.

I'm back and my foot is now normal. I think after I finish the parcel I'll take another walk. Then work on my skin, then work on the freebie pack of skins, then work on the free Tee Shirts I'll offer on my parcel.

Yes I missed press day, won't be immortalized on a hand drawn map of the playa, or appear on Designing Worlds, but I believe you'll find my place worthwhile if you take the time to walk through it.

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