Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Back from the Playa

With scheduled events officially over, Burn2 remains through Wednesday for you to check out the exhibits and presentations with less lag.

I think even though it took up only 4 sims, there were more "big" displays than in past years.  People who noticed Gulliver in '09 ogled or nonstop praise for post-apocalyptic builds for Tokyo Stage felt that to get their messages across with  GREAT   BIG   MANNEQUINS.  All over the place.  Couldn't turn anywhere without something built large, where largeness wasn't part of the plan.

 back in 2009, when builds were builds

Biggest disappointment was this art camp.  The carefully shot videos and photos had me thinking: "Oh this is something else.  Look at that craftsmanship!" I sought ot out, only to find it was a giant texture with an alpha background.  Closer look of the piece made me wonder if the figure was actually drawn or Poser or a treated SL snapshot.  In other words the effect was just that: an effect. There was no actual form. No body up there.  Color me disillusioned.  Think of how much better all those mannequins could have looked if others on the playa used flat cardboard standups.  In fairness though, they could have had little time to prepare; I just had the least because I needed a hand operation.

 nice but it was never shot at this angle
Nice one by Trill.  I remember them from Show n Tell. As always Inner Child Camp is a fun place to explore for all ages... DMom2k collaborated on a girder tree with Chakra globes around it (very nice but didn't need to be 5x bigger than a old oak tree to get its point across or impressive). The temple was nice, but the Lamplighters barely went through their motions beyond their campsite.  For the ones I attended they showed up at the temple with the night half over - like around 8:05 - then most of the remaining went to bed before sunrise, leaving a skeleton group (of like 5?) to greet the dawn, among which only one or two played percussion and the rest danced.  In all very nice, with marvelous contraptions and interpretations of the theme. Just that they didn't all have to be so damn big.

 I think back on obscure but brilliant pieces in 2009,  lost in the vastness of an SL run playa.  How I got to know Further Monday and happen upon her as I watched a land rush, then visiting her modest parcel with its delicately designed umbrellas.  Who saw it besides her friends or those who walked beyond the busy regions? It was proof that something didn't have to be big to be great.

Not big but very very awesome. Fire racing to make patterns

This year mine was an inner journey, so the outside was intentionally unspectacular.  As often with me, what's inside is what counts the most.  Especially since I can look like you and you can look like me at any time in Second Life.  Rites of passage are inner journeys.  If your nature is that of a good listener, my presentation might appeal to you for the substance.  There's words accompanied by video, graphics, snapshots and original art.  I even included a concept sketch from a story I'd originally started on New Babbage's site.  I haven't stopped writing it; I may relocate it to its own Blogger page. It was inspired from an actual course of events while exploring their city last winter.

You have through about 3pm SLT today to see Reactivation Revelation Regeneration.

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