Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Recouping and Regrouping

October is an expensive month of domain renewals and catching up with bills.  For some reason there are an excessive number of big events in Second Life as well, and not related to Autumn, Halloween, or Oktoberfest (which most people run in September, which is fucked up in my opinion).  No, everyone else and their Gorean Grandmother has some big shindig going on in October.

With Burn2 over I'm not attending anything serious before Halloween week.  I may have a casual thing next Saturday at the treehouse.  Don 't know yet.  It would involve little obligation or preparation.  My living room looks like the sort of place you'd have company and schmooze.  The lawn would serve best for a BBQ pit and some dancing. 


I'm planning for the 7Seas Fall Fishing Festival.  A spot and new catchables.  If I have time, rods.

Before that, modifying a build. I may ask a favor and permission of an existing texture to modify.  I must make it blue.  I must make it wood.  These are paramount to the success of my project.  Don't ask why; just humor us artists and nod like you understand.  If all goes to plan you'll find out why sometime after the FFF.

I think Bay City has an Art Deco festival or something.  I guess if they did I would have gotten a thing to hang up.  Best way to tell sometimes.  Will there be a Halloween parade between the tricities like in past years? No word on that.

Researching things.  I can't tell you yet.

Skybeam is going on 5 and is planning a celebrations.

Toontown is where I'll be spending most of my Halloween, although at this moment it occurred to me that I'll be DJing on Bacchus that night.

May make some rennovations in the TARDIS soon; it all depends on money and I'm behind on my RL rent, so that's a factor.

Fundraising.  Didn't hear from contact.  I think the right way to go is ask someone inworld with experience.  Think it comes down to raising the money then giving it.

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