Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Another for the Drama Books

Over ten days after baiting and perving me just for taking the time to be a friend and listen to her problems, former contact tried to drum up drama by notecard.  The clich├ęd "I was drunk and don't know everything I said" bit.  However a subsequent note suggested she knew enough of what she said; her attempt to apologize was not unconditional.   It was hinted (in ways I cannot mention here without giving away their identity to anyone) that they didn't really get the enormity of their offense (her actions are prosecutable in the *ahem* least uncivilized states of this country) and that I'd be up for more grief because - let's face it - a mindset doesn't change that much between soused and sober states.  Nothing manifests which isn't there to begin with.

She doesn't read this blog or she'd have known not to go there with either drunken behavior or afficaciousness.  And despite having seen my SL8B exhibit, the fact that everybody in SL has their own story and that there's always someone living a darker life and come here for the light never occurs to her.  She may never realize this because she's too into herself to think about others enough to respect them or what they may be going through themselves. 

If anything, true colors come through during these times.  Lesson learned. Good riddance.

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