Friday, October 21, 2011

Even with virtual actions, being sick can make them tiring.

Always gets in the way of everything.  Not going to have that treehouse party.  Just the thought of virtual dancing is making me feel exhausted.

It won't stop me from DJing through the end of this month though.  It *appears* that I have Halloween Night on Bacchus.  I don't know how realistic it is with parties all over SL, and to be blunt I usually spend my Halloweens in Toontown Online (Seven wants to make another black cat, and that's the only day of the year anyone can).  I'll spend much of the day helping new black cats with their tasks, taking them through buildings invaded by robot lawyers to boost their gag potential, get in on the many beanfests scheduled (aka people throwing free money), and so on.  Sounds like I should take the night off, doesn't it?  Don't know yet...

Okay well, I'll be DJing in New London the next two weekends for sure.  With Guy Fawkes Day coming up - the same date as Día de los Muertos - I can see potential that weekend with common themes between the two.

While Snurky no longer does the track races (I usurped the computer for the last cross-country one they had, but for a special event), Giant Snail Races have I think gotten better as their own production.  Without Treet to back them up, there's more a sense of accountability reflected in Racer's hosting.  He's become nicer.  I think it was too easy to be too much of a goon with Wiz on hand as a straight man (sometimes he came off like a babysitter, and I'd sweat out very awkward moments where he tried to save face sitting next to the unpredictible RacerX, who'd mock, snark, and sometimes slur).  All that's changed.  The camera work is better as well. I think the change was a healthy one.. Sort of like the Tower card in Tarot. Next week promises a Halloween setting with the ever creepy sea of Richard Simmonseses.

On an ironic note, earlier this week I was sexually harassed by someone on my contact list.  Guess they didn't read my blog post about coming inworld under the influence. For all I know she missed her meds?  Anyway never come to me for a serious talk and pull the suicide card just to get attention or try to fake screw me. It will never work.  Since then they disappeared for two days, then came back in without a word in my direction.  Second never: Never commit such an offense then make believe it didn't happen. It's a crime, regardless of where it occurs. If you're not responsible enough for your actions to make amends, particularly with someone you've led on for months that you're their friend, then let Karma deal with you.  They're going off my friend's list today. They had plenty of time to be a rational adult and take action accordingly. Now, as I mentioned in my older post, I have blogged about it.

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