Monday, October 24, 2011

What a crazy weekend!

Toontown becomes more and more significant as Halloween draws near.  Sorry, you'll get that from a cartoonist/animator.  While I won't be making a new black cat this year, there will be hundreds of new kittens out in force next Monday morning, and I'll be around to help them.  Before that it's earning pumpkin heads on most of my toons while trick or treating the shops.  Difference being the jellybeans we get for  it are the local currency, and who knows what new accessories they have planned for the holidays?  Better save up now!

On Friday I restored my ongoing Steampunk fiction after extracting the posts from New Babbage's site. I've made it a general scifi-time warp story, which releases me from any restraints.  It's up to entry 10 at

Saturday in New London is a fun party to host.  The staff and regulars are a wonderful and sincere people.  Whovians just want to have fun.  The Steampunk theme went over very well.  I should have it again in a few months... heat up the winter...

Which reminds me. New Londoners have encouraged me to take a look at their Guy Fawkes exhibit. They feel I'm a pefect candidate since I'm a "Fawkes Virgin."  That and they know if I'm not sure of something I'll ask, and if like it, they know I won't be bullshitting them :)

My friend Tindy had a rezday party hosted by the Giant Snail Races folks (Safra & RacerX w/DJ Baldi) which was held under the sea. Gave me a reason to wear flippers and Racer to blow up a big birthday cake.

Sunday was full of adventure.  First, after investing in some nice housing textures and running a few through Photoshop, I finished the modified shack (as well as reduced its primcount).

There was the biweekly partay by the river in New Toulouse Algiers, this time for Halloween.  With the big Estate sale going on, Gabrielle Riel was inspired to waive purchase fees for land in New Toulouse.  Apparently a 512 had opened up that morning, so I grabbed it for 1L and chucked in 2 weeks' worth into the meter.  And plopped down Maison Bleu. After FFF I'll be making stuff for it :) Some free, some extremely cheap. Maybe some art too.

So yes, I'm now a Talooster too :)

Weird Al's 52nd. Edward Pearse had the Radio Riel Clarendon dance hall decorated with stuff and offered free accordions and twinkie weiners (gak). A celebration wild horses - or delusional goats - couldn't keep me away from.  Realized how many wonderful people I missed from New Babbage.  Well, we'll always have the Clarendon...

After that it was time to go into Halloween Mode and put on this week's pallor for Bacchus on the Beach.  Yes, it's true we all got out instruments on Friday night and air-jammed to Dat's music.  We didn't this time around, but it was still fun.  Somehow I earned bait and a small Linden prize for fifth :)

Pondering my Halloween playlist and anticipating some CDs to come in from Amazon via 2-Day Air.  I think Halloween Party is plenty for a theme - let people interpret that any way they want. The best avatar is the best avatar :) Their unltimate moment of self-expression.  It kicks off on TARDIS sim at Greenwich Park from 1:45pm SLT next Saturday the 29th.

(PS: Pictures will be added this evening when I get home)

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