Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Niagra Falls!

RFL draws ever closer.  I love the enthusiasm I've been hearing from team members. And from the RFL community in general.  Maybe fueled by last year's amazing achievements, maybe from waiting since the end of the previous relay.  Some teams have totals from RL donations already; the convio setup which links an RL team page to the virtual one is very nice, and I plan to take full advantage of its resources.

One thing I've decided to do is put my original "pool chalk art" up for auction on eBay, maybe during the Fishiversary where I can place a vendor with info.

In the meantime, divvying up my time between work, DJing and restoring Dad's PC, the logo IS progressing but slower than I'd hoped.  It will be done tonight though, even with an extra trip after work with my heel spur to Dad's synagogue to pick something up for him before going home.

For now team members are channeling their enthusiasm into making stuff, so when vendors come out on Friday they'll set the first of them up.  Should I bring back the purple Dalek?  Hmmmm!  Anyway something new will be in my vendor at Saturday's RFL kickoff, with select vendors from teammates.  Be sure to stop by :)

Only one cloud: Someone I should never have invited. Clearly they hadn't read the notices with starting date info and when I'll be getting stuff to share with the team. Wanting to alter an all-season kiosk "for the team" where nothing inworld is credited to any teams before the 10th. The other team members are taking the spirit of RFL to heart by working on their builds and creations. Everyone else knows the time will come.

My last blog post stated that my team was NOT about pissing matches, which means an "at all costs" mentality would not be welcome. Was a bit disappointing to have to deal with that. I let them go and encouraged them to try another team which would better suit their level of enthusiasm. There are plenty of teams who want to compete against eachother etc etc, and maybe don't mind hacking a kiosk to behave differently. For my health and to maintain my team's laid back tone, I've done this. Maybe not the greatest thing for my reputation but never let it be said I don't take responsibility for my actions, and I believe that while this isn't a popular move, it was definitely for the better.  I've taken the honorable route and left them anonymous here and encourage them to find a more suitable team if they're still compelled to participate with Relay for Life.

I don't bluff and I don't play games, and I don't tolerate anyone trying to jump a line where it's not appropriate. It's over and not up for discussion. That's all I'm going to say on the subject.

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