Sunday, March 11, 2012

RFL: All that scrambling for one day?

Other than the booth and the textures I  put together for it, the vendor items are merely the first of what the team has to offer.  We'll make more stuff and accumulate a nice collection of creations for donation throughout fundraiser season.

While I didn't have time to attend most of the Relay For Life Kick-Off celebration inworld, I did get a chance to tour the team booths in 3 regions before they were taken down.

Our kick-off booth in RFL Past. Minutes later 2 more contributors added vendors
There are more events coming up, and I'm looking forward to having a booth there again.

I was wondering where I could offer access to these vendors between RFL festivals?  It just occurred to me that the viewing area for the Atoll cross-country Giant Snail Races by Route 2 is perfect.  While theme appropriate vendors may appear in Maison Bleu and Cartoon World, I'll work out a couple of spots where they all can be, perhaps for all members of the team.

Something to think about.

In the meantime we have the 7Seas Fishiversary coming up.  Hard to believe it's two weeks from now.  The theme is silk.  This means textures,  some experimental.  Also more catchable Daleks, shirts and PJ's, and my first custom rods!

Do I bring back the purple Dalek or a new variation for RFL vendors?  I'm open to purplish suggestions.

Remember the team member I removed from my roster?  He started his own team.  That's awesome news!  Not only can he get first-hand info on what it takes and what is and isn't acceptable, it means a whole new group of people from his end who can do something for the cause.  So this has indeed worked itself out for the better!

This evening I'll put my RFL vendors out at the viewing platform.  That's just down the hill to the north beyond the fishing area.

Dakota & I pondering the purple blue box
More stuff for New Toulouse.  Another thing which has reached the top of the list. 

The Aether Chrononauts have a Time Traveller's Ball next Sunday.  I plan to be there.  Dress code is formal from any era.  I know exactly what to wear for it.  As a matter of fact, I remember exactly where I was the last time I wore it.  You'll have to wait to find out!

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