Friday, March 2, 2012

The Hearts & Souls RFL team is formed

Something happened.  That's all I can respectfully say.  As a result,  I've started my own Relay For Life team.  I need the freedom *I believe* only a captain has to control a team page in order to facilitate RL donations and fundraising. Sometimes a something has to happen to push you into the right direction. Thank you, something.

The theme is Relay For Life's own, so anyone who has something to offer towards a cause is welcome to join, regardless of genre, and anyone on the team who wants to engage in fundraising inworld on Mature & PG land for a General crowd will get to have their event added to the RFL calendar.  Donate as little (put donation kiosks for the team out) or as much (from donation vendors to events to offgrid donations) as they feel comfortable with.   If someone wants to make adult products and hold fundraising events on adult property they're at liberty to do so for the team.  Somehow the Goreans have done all right raising money without appearing on RFL's event billboards.

The core theme of the team is similar to that of my persona: that we're all real regardless of what substance and form we take.  No one is immune to the effects of cancer and we can make a difference in both worlds.

I've had an enthusiastic response  from folks, both whom I asked and a couple of them so far who came to me.

I believe I have a lot to give and offer towards a noble cause.  I am privileged and honored to participate and make a difference.  I know people who survived, people who are fighting, and people who lost the fight.  A friend is losing the battle as I type this.  Pettiness has no place, so advanced warning:

Fighting cancer is not a pissing match.  If your team makes more money than mine, I don't lose.  If you think so then maybe you don't have your head on straight.

Once we have won the battle, the winner is us.

I try to learn from my mistakes and the mistakes of others:

1. No more genre teams which pigeonhole me or disallow promotion of fundraising events due to theme or era vs content rating.

2. No stealing ideas from others. A team effort - and there may be a few of those - will give credit where due.  There is no cause in the universe which justifies discarding ethics or common courtesy; no one or thing is cause to forget to be excellent to eachother.

3. As team captain I will not desert my team and hang out with another and leave others to do my work.  That really rubbed me the wrong way last year. Not much can be worse than a team being let down by their own captain.

4. I'm not separatist.  If someone from another team needs help with something I'll give it if I'm able. Just don't know what skills anyone would need from me.  If another team wants to hold a fundraising event and asks me for a sign or to play music, I will certainly oblige them.

5. Group joining is not mandatory.  If you just want to put out a kiosk or make stuff for donation, that's a great help and what really counts IMHO.  You got what you want and when the RFL season is done the kiosks and vendors derez automatically.

Come to think of it, my off-season kiosk will go poof very soon.

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