Thursday, March 29, 2012

Of Fish, Collective Estate Angst over RFL, & Ethical Subroutines

The 4th annual 7Seas Fishiversary found an emphasis on sleepwear and bedding for those who offered customs based on the theme.  A set of wine red silk jammies with gold embroidery were my contribution, along with two types of commemorative T-shirts (one silk one tyedye) and more flannel TARDIS jimjam colors were the new clothing catches.  Two types of nekkid Daleks (I always wanted to do nekkid Daleks) and a Tea Kitsune shoulder pal rounded out the new releases.  I had more planned but alas a hand operation left me out of sorts and more incapacitated than I'd anticipated.  I'm writing this portion of the blog on my way home after my first day back at work.  Careful to walk down flights of stairs on the "strong side" in the event I need to hold the bannister.  Now back to 2-handed typing, getting better at wrong-handed hygiene, able to lift a mug (two days ago I marveled at just being able to wrap my fingers around it).

First Fishing Rod, a Japanese folk style makeshift construct
We raised over $L1600 for Relay for Life at the Fishiversary for our creations and more from straight donations.

Managed the Giant Snail Races by switching fingers (proper Mouselook maneuvering requires the right hand on the mouse for steering and left on the keys for propulsion) and ended in fifth.

I'm offering my Super UltraRare Daleks as prizes in New London for avatar contests.  Watch Twitter, SL Social, Facebook and assorted group notices for info. 

This weekend there will be 3 DJ events:

1. New London on Saturday from 1pm SLT.  This week's theme is tropical beach party.  Something about palms gave me the idea...
2. Bacchus on the Beach later from 6/45pm SLT
3. Relay For Life's Mardi Gras Sunday 7-9am SLT

Relay for Life Mardi Gras Weekend starts tomorrow...

I  made 3 tyedye shirts in Mardi Gras colors and about 8 flexi "mad hats" along the line of my Silly St Paddy and Cat in the Hat hats.  I have an idea for a special edition Second Line umbrella as well.   Look for these in our store with other vendors by our team's creators at the RFL Bourbon Street sim.

My friend's husband moved to a local nursing home.  Despite the medical prognosis that he has days, I think we all know these things can take longer.  She must enjoy every minute she can with him, and so much the better as long as he is kept comfortable.

Update on two estates regarding Relay For Life...  

Both have seen conflicts, one contrived by an asshole in a blog last year (there can be no greater loser than someone who exploits the ignorance of the uninformed rather than help bring them up to speed toward such a cause.  How small such a person becomes in the scheme of things).  They don't object to individuals opting for donations or having a token kiosk here and there, because they do believe in the cause, but having been burned they feel best to work with what they know and do best, which is maintain their sim and keep it griefer free.

The other may be making more than they should over this, which is a bit curious.  They're certainly big enough as a community to have their own team, but not obligated to pursue one.  We all have a story, add to that the level of commitment to manage an estate (for both places this is very true) nor any less generous or sincere for not having a team of their own.   They had recommended another team for residents to become affiliated with.  Apparently that's not enough, and the question of an official stance may have been raised on a scale greater than my own initial inquiries when I was looking to belong before starting my own team. 

My concerns with the estate in their current mindset are:

1. My being judged for having my own team. 

2. Being judged for saying something as simple as "if you like what I play, please give to that kiosk over there" versus my usual passiveness about receiving tips. 

3. I get a strong feeling that I'm being looked down on for something someone else said or did at some other time to give them the impression that they as an estate have to be more prominently and directly involved with RFL.  I resent being treated differently because of this.  I do not want to be chastized for being actively involved with Relay For Life.  I'm not anyone they've ever known before and would like them to set notions aside.  We started on a great footing and they've been practically regarded as another family to my avatar.  I prefer to hold onto that rapport.

And after last year's BS antipathy from theme teams I swore off committing to them anyway. We're progressing just fine doing what we like in any style we wish.  As long as content is compliant for promotion or involvement I can openly promote with RFL's resources for any member of the team. Adult teams should be respected for their efforts as well. Sincerity is what defines one's efforts and not how big their membership is (we've already seen last year how teams can have many names listed on their roster but only a couple of active people) or *ahem* how many good ideas captains can rip off from recruits to their own credit. 

We've since gotten our shops and await a solution for RFL vendors placed back-to-back on common shop walls where our hovertext statistics clash.  We may just alleviate this by setting our vendors the same height and be damned with the statistics (which to be honest we should be asked to mute entirely and let our kiosks show the grand total).

I have to say I'm very disappointed to see some teams sport regular vendors and keep all the sales to themselves.  Hey if Hearts & Souls can fill the walls with donation items, certainly those bigger teams can.  I'll be sure to make available LMs to team members' shops.  And to the "tween" spot where I'm accumulating vendors and add new ones following each event.

It's not that I'm holier than thou over these others.  It's just common sense and plain ethics.  How hard is that? It takes a type to take advantage of a charity and exploit an area intended for fundraising for their own profit.  People outside SL go to prison for that you know.  I suppose in a way this really shows what some teams are all about.

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