Monday, February 27, 2012

Mardi Gras in New Toulouse

Mardi Gras in New Toulouse was the best "weekend away" since the 7Seas FFF.  Fortunately or unfortunately I was too sick to pay visits to my parents, and so was stuck home for the weekend.  Except when I'm stuck home I am usually at liberty to explore marvelous places.

This time I was part of them.

For many years I tried to find a good way to celebrate Mardi Gras in Second Life.  First a stark sim of French Quarter style buildings with an automated trolley which listed events but had nobody around otherwise; got bagnettes out of it at least.  Three years ago I rented an audio stream for the first time to host a Mardi Gras party at The Golden Yak in the Linden winterlands.  The stream didn't work at event time for one neglected setting so I channeled WOZ, which I found inconsistent but served well enough.  That night Carter Denja hosted an awesome set of Cajun, Zydeco and early Blues at Madhu's Café back on its previous mainland parcel. That would become the place for me the following year, by which time the Café had relocated to New Toulouse.  Being unfamiliar and the sim situated away from the city's downtown, I was oblivious to what was going on nearby.

In the meantime I discovered New Toulouse and made moves to settle, eventually establishing Maison Bleu.  I've since discovered there is also a "Maison Bleau" to the west.  I have no idea what it is.

Anyway, my friends and probably half of fishdom know my dad fractured his ankle last month, leaving me and my recently diagnosed heel spur to visit both Mom on Long Island then Dad in a Queens rehab, all via public transportation (I type this right now while waiting for the Long Island Railroad to take me back to Queens, where I'll catch a bus to Flushing) .  Very little of my Sundays belong to me for the time being.   I would have liked to make a float for New Toulouse's Mardi Gras parade but there was just no time.  I did manage to make my place ready for Open House and a really fun placewarming party.  I know so many folks over the years since Madhu's, with the added perspective of being back in my birthland (I'm from New Orleans in rl) and enjoying a culture I never got a chance to get acquainted with in my first six years.  At least I got a chance to contribute toward it here, with the party and freebie Second Line accoutrements.  But being with nice people and enjoying their events and offerings in turn is the best part.  As with the best of communities, each has their own backstory but together share a an enthusiasm for the land, and - and this is where other places fail - a welcome hand is offered to any stranger as if they were a next neighbor.  Always a warm vibe here. Also there's no pretense on theme. It's lowdown and anything's possible, unlike the false posing and double standards inherent last year. I don't plan to see any drama drama in New Toulouse beyond role personae.

Next year I'll be ready when it's krewe time :)

Next pursuits: Fishiversary & Relay For Life. More on those next time :). The bus is making its final turn.
Revelers visit during Open House

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